NEWS RELEASE: Pugh-Volpe Team Files Petitions W/ 1500+ Signatures for Cortlandt Town Council


CONTACT: Brian Pugh, 914-374-3960 Domenic Volpe, 914-737-9184

July 9, 2013

NEWS RELEASE: Pugh-Volpe Team Files Petitions W/ 1500+ Signatures for Cortlandt Town Council

Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe, Democrats running as a slate for the two seats on the Cortlandt Town Council, filed nominating petitions today for the Democratic primary with 1,568 petition signatures. This show of strength is further proof of the energy of the Pugh-Volpe ticket and the growing momentum Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe have gained as they prepare for the September 10th Democratic Primary.

“I am truly grateful for the dozens of volunteers that carried petitions to help put Domenic and me on the ballot. I am thankful for the chance to talk to so many of my neighbors as petitioned across every part of the Town of Cortlandt. I look forward to earning your vote for Cortlandt Town Council and I hope to have the opportunity to represent the people of this community on the Council,” said Brian Pugh.

“After knocking on thousands of doors and having conversations with hundreds of my neighbors, I am more excited than ever about this campaign. I would like to thank all the rank-and-file Democrats that have signed our nominating petitions—you are the party, so please remember to vote on Tuesday, September 10th!” said Domenic Volpe.

“Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe are true independent-minded progressives, who can be trusted to listen to the people and do what is right. I am proud to have carried petitions to put them on the ballot. I wish them good luck on this campaign and the on the council,” said Helen Murray, a volunteer from Croton-on-Hudson.

To appear on the ballot for the Democratic Primary for Cortlandt Town Council, candidates must file approximately 520 valid signatures from registered Democrats in the Town of Cortlandt. The number of signatures collected for the Pugh-Volpe ticket far exceeded the requirement under the law.

In addition to seeking the Democratic line for Town Council, Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe have been endorsed by the Working Families Party and the Independence Party. They will also be filing their petitions for the Working Families and the Independence lines this week.

Brian Pugh is a native of Croton-on-Hudson and community activist. He is a student at Fordham University School of Law and works at a renewable energy company in Westchester County. Brian Pugh has also been endorsed by the Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body, AFL-CIO. Domenic Volpe, a 26 year resident of Cortlandt Manor, owns Domenic’s Cleaners, hosts a community television show (Wednesday Nights at 9 PM on channel 15) and serves on the board of the Jan Peek Homeless Shelter. Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe are both Democratic District Leaders.

Bazzo 07/10/13

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