Video: Astorino Campaign Releases “Day and Night”

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



:30 Television Spot Contrasts County Executive’s Record of Lowering County Tax Levy with Opponent Bramson’s Record of Raising Taxes

Westchester–June 27…Friends of County Executive Rob Astorino today announced the launch of a new 30-second television spot, entitled “Day and Night,” that began airing on Westchester cable television channels today.

The ad can be viewed here.

“Day and Night” contrasts County Executive Astorino’s record of freezing or reducing the county tax levy every year he’s served in the office versus his opponent’s record of significantly raising taxes in New Rochelle. Noam Bramson has increased city taxes 109% during his time in office, and he has consistently increased fees and taxes — including New Rochelle’s Garbage Tax by 254%.

“County Executive Astorino hears the concerns of Westchester families struggling with constant property tax increases, and he has kept his promise to them,” said Friends of County Executive Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Noam Bramson, who has never held a job outside of government, simply doesn’t understand the concerns of hard working Westchester families. County Executive Astorino is a middle class parent who understands that every penny counts in household budgets, which is why he governs responsibly and compassionately.”

The script to “Day and Night” is below.

Narrator: “Westchester County is moving in the right direction again. Thanks to County Executive, Rob Astorino, the county property tax levy is down. Jobs are coming back. Progress is being made. Noam Bramson raised New Rochelle taxes 109%. He raised the garbage tax a whopping 254%. Bramson would take us backwards, and we can’t afford that. Rob Astorino: Reform, Progress, Results.

Bazzo 06/28/13

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