Proposed Bazzo Says: Tolerating The Intolerable

Bazzo Says:


TITLE: Tolerating The Intolerable

preventing housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence (A. 6411);
prohibiting workplace discrimination against pregnant mothers (A. 6410);
creating an affirmative defense for victims of sex trafficking with harsher penalties for those convicted of sex trafficking (A. 6409);
affording military spouses more opportunities to obtain New York licensing in reduced time in order to join the work force more quickly (A. 7596);
stricter penalties for unlawful wage discrimination (A. 6407)
creating a zero tolerance policy across New York in regards to sexual harassment (A.6408);
abortion bill that would “codify federal law.” in the event Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

These were the leading reasons leading women’s right groups, of the Assembly (male & female) and the Governor said we should give Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver a pass in his covering up the sexual harassment of female staffers of former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Why we should give Silver a pass on breaking the Assembly’s own rule when he failed to notify the Ethics Committee of Lopez’s transgressions. We should give Silver a pass for using tax dollars to pay off the women who were harassed to silence them, even though this would lead to more women being harassed. Those above proposals were more important than the victims of work place sexual harassment. So how did this requested tolerance of the Assembly Leader work out?

They needed the Assembly Leader to get these items passed. They were, in one bill and sent to the Senate. The Senate pass all but the last as individual pieces of legislation. So the only way these proposals would become law was if the Assembly took them up without the abortion proposal. On this the Assembly Leader balked saying that the women of the Assembly wanted it all. So as the legislative secession closed, nothing happened. Actually two things happened. 1) Hypocrisy rules the Assembly. 2) Any credibility regarding standing up for women was lost. We also know that if this took place in the Senate with the Republican Leader Dean Skeloes, to opposite would have happened. Tolerance ends at the Republican boarder.

When the part of the Assembly bill dealing with creating a zero tolerance policy across New York in regards to sexual harassment (A.6408); was brought up for discussion our Assemblyman Dr. Steve Katz stood up to point out his Democrat colleagues version of tolerance, Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Jeffrion Aubry (D-Queens) cut him off by turning off the mic. The stated reason being any discussion of the covering up of work place sexual harassment in the Assembly was not relevant. It seems the even Democrats have limits on tolerance. By the way, Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Jeffrion Aubry (D-Queens) had a point. In this proposal, the Assembly exempted the Legislature. Laws for thee but not for me.

We have also learned that the State Attorney General has agreed that the tax payers will fund the Assembly Leader’s legal bill as he is being sued for his role in the cover up. The women suing argue that if the Assembly Leader did not cover up Lopez’s actions, they would not have took the position and then would not have suffered the sexual harassment from Lopez.

The Attorney General, who would normally defend the Assembly Leader has recused himself, because he okayed the payoffs and non-notification of the Ethic Committee. He says the Assembly Leader is entitled to tax payer funded defense because the State Constitution allows this when a member of the Legislature is sued for actions in the course of the duties. What we are being told is that the cover-up of a crime is the duty of the Assembly Leader. Only in New York.

I am writing this column because this is the Democrat version of tolerance that Assemblyman Katz tried to bring up, but was silenced because bring this up was intolerable. The fact is none of this is tolerable. That because and ONLY because the perpetrators of this obscenity are Democrats is this tolerated.

Until right, wrong and truth are more important that party label to the electorate, our representatives will continue to coddle that what we would go to jail for and finance our own defense. This is what I say, what say you?


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