The Setlist for Tonight 06/25/13

June 25, 2013

The Setlist for Tonight


Contact: David Laska


ALBANY, NY… Despite failing to meaningfully address New York’s woeful tax, regulatory and business climate this session, Andrew Cuomo has declared victory and is throwing himself a fundraiser tonight featuring special guest Paul Simon. The Governor is asking New Yorkers for $50,000 for a “Chair” ticket (put another way, that’s just about $7,000 less than New Yorkers’ median income).

Fortunately, the NYGOP spies were able to get ahold of Paul Simon’s setlist for the evening. Here it is:

“The Sounds of Silence”

As sung by Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat Conference to Sheldon Silver

“The Brooklyn Bridge Song (Feelin’ Interns)”

As sung by Vito Lopez

“Me and Vito Down by the Schoolyard (but not within 1,000 Feet)”

“Cecilia (Tkaczyk)”

Feat. The chorus of female Democrats who won’t stand up to Sheldon Silver

“50 Ways to Cover Up a Sex Crime”

“The Boxley”

Bazzo 06/25/13


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