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Assemblyman Steve Katz (R,C,I-Yorktown) has had three bills passed, securing a legislative victory for multiple regions of his district.

“I’m excited to say that I’ve been able to secure the votes for the legislation that the towns of our community were looking to receive from Albany,” Katz said. “While the process of home rule bills is flawed, we were able to work within the necessary framework for the people of Somers and Carmel, and also specifically for Ms. Nancy Dwyer of Southeast. This is really a great day for all of us in the district.”

The town of Somers approached Assemblyman Katz to allow for a residency exemption for the assistant court clerk. With this exemption already a reality for the town’s court clerk, expanding it to include the assistant court clerk will provide Somers with the ability to hire the most qualified individuals for the position. The legislation is Assembly Bill 4072.

The second bill (A. 4842) pertains to Ms. Nancy Dwyer, of Southeast, regarding her eligibility for Tier IV retirement benefits. This legislation is an effort to right a previous wrong, as Ms. Dwyer had been serving the community in some manner since 2001. Though Ms. Dwyer was a part-time seasonal clerk in 2001, she was not offered the opportunity to join the state retirement system until 2011. This legislation will allow her to be afforded the benefits she should have been afforded over a decade ago.

The final piece of legislation (A.6414) is in regard to creating a library district in Carmel with the Reed Memorial Library. The bill will help alleviate the financial stress on Reed, and will prevent the Mahopac Public Library from being double-taxed with the creation of this new library district.

For more information regarding Assemblyman Steve Katz, please contact his district office at (845) 628-3781.

Bazzo 06/22/13


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