Public Meeting Agendas]Yorktown Planning Board Meeting 06/25/13

Planning Board Meeting

Liaison Reports

Minutes: June 10, 2013


Hilltop Associates
SBL: 37.6-1-25
Discussion Subdivision
Location: Hilltop Road
Contact: Jack Goldstein, PE
Description: A 3 lot subdivision approved by Planning Board Resolution 08-02 on January 14, 2008.

Triangle Shopping Center
SBL: 48.18-1-2&3
Discussion Site Plan
Location: Saw Mill River Road
Contact: Romano Architects
Description: Proposed pavers in existing parking lot.

Emerald Hills LLC
SBL: 69.19-1-3
Location: 1339 Kitchawan Rd.
Contact: Hudson Engineering
Description: Proposed 6 residential lots on 30.88 acres in a R1-80 zone with domestic wells and septic systems.

Dubovsky, Michael
SBL: 59.14-1-18
Discussion Site Plan
Location: 702 Saw Mill River Road
Contact: Dubovsky, Michael
Description: Application to construct a main building with 2 commercial spaces below with 2 residential apartments above and a secondary garage/barn structure in the rear of the property.

Yorktown Auto Body
SBL: 37.19-1-79,81,87
Location: 1798 Front Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposal to expand parking lot with 13 additional parking spaces.

Greenwood Street Culvert Repairs
Town Board Referral
Location: Greenwood Street
Description: Installation of sheet piling at the discharge ends of double culverts to prevent further scouring and the filling in of the scour hole.

Bazzo 06/21/13


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