Duane Jackson Thanks Testa for his SOI vote



For Immediate Release

June 21, 2013

Contact: John McBride, Campaign Spokesperson


Croton on Hudson, NY – Duane Jackson thanks Testa for his flip-flop vote on the source of income legislation just passed by the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

On June 17, 2013 the county board of legislators passed a law banning discrimination against renters and homebuyers based on their source income. The board passed nearly identical legislation in 2010, over a “No” vote by John Testa, only to be vetoed by County Executive, Rob Astorino.

Although the majority of the county board has supported this legislation for many years, it had to be brought up again this year when U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) warned Mr. Astorino that it would risk having $17 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds reallocated, as the failure to enact the legislation would be a default on the settlement agreement Westchester County made with HUD in 2009.

“This legislation is vital to Westchester County because it will mostly help our seniors, our veterans and other low-income working families to find the affordable housing they need,” said Jackson. “When John Testa voted against this legislation in 2010, he made it harder for seniors and Vets to find housing in Westchester since they must rely on social security or disability benefits and not necessarily wage income. Testa’s flip-flop comes only when the county was faced with losing millions in federal grant money and in an election year.”

Jackson added, “ I hope that Mr. Astorino will do the right thing and sign this legislation. It is hard enough for our seniors and our vets to stay in Westchester as prices for housing just keep going up and up. We don’t need people in government working to make life even harder for these folks.”

Bazzo 06/21/13


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