Bramson No Friend to New York Women: Spokeswoman

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Statement by Friends of Astorino Spokeswoman Jessica Proud

June 20, 2013

“Noam Bramson has greatly disappointed New York women who expect their elected leaders to show courage in the face of sexual abuse and the wanton abuse of power. For months, Mr. Bramson has stood by while Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver demonstrated callous disregard for victims of sex abuse. Mr. Silver has repeatedly silenced female victims of sex assaults to protect political cronies in Albany, and Mr. Bramson has done nothing. If he truly cared about women, he’d have the courage to call on Silver to resign, like County Executive Astorino, The New York Times, and NOW New York State have done. Until Mr. Bramson stops protecting Mr. Silver, he can make no claim to being an advocate for women.” — Jessica Proud, spokeswoman, Friends of County Executive Rob Astorino.


The New York Times: “…The Lopez case demands a response, even from timid Democrats. It demonstrates not only Mr. Silver’s customary imperiousness but a long-standing moral blindness to the way powerful men around him intimidate and sexually harass young women working in the Capitol. Mr. Silver…should be replaced as speaker. Enough.”

Rob Astorino: “Mr. Silver failed to protect women from sexual abuse and he used taxpayer money to silence victims and protect his political colleagues. That is not acceptable behavior and he should resign immediately.”

NOW New York State President Zenaida Mendez on whether she thinks Silver should resign: “I sure do.”

Bazzo 06/20/13

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