TV Spot: “Promises Kept” Released in Westchester

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Thirty-Second TV Spot Highlights Astorino’s Kept Promise to

Lower the Westchester County Tax Levy, Take Care of Those in Need

Westchester–June 14…Through smart and responsible fiscal management and bipartisan cooperation, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (R-C) has frozen or reduced Westchester’s tax levy every year of his term, while increasing social service spending for those most in need, fulfilling a pledge he made four years ago to the families of Westchester.

That fulfilled pledged is the basis for Friends of County Executive Rob Astorino’s first television commercial of the 2013 re-election campaign, entitled “Promises Kept.” The 30-second spot began airing Thursday on Westchester County cable television stations. It will run for an indefinite period of time.

Promises kept features real Westchester residents thanking County Executive Astorino for keeping his word to them. In the five years preceding Mr. Astorino’s election to office, the County tax levy increased 17%. Under County Executive Astorino, it has been reduced two percent, something almost unheard of among governments today. The reduced tax levy helps not only Westchester families, but it helps attract new businesses to the county.

“County Executive Astorino has kept his promises to the people of Westchester through good government management and bipartisan outreach,” said Astorino campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “County spending was out of control before Rob Astorino came into office, and Westchester families could not afford it. While every other level of government has raised its taxes over the past four years, Rob Astorino has managed to lower his tax levy — all the while increasing spending for Westchester’s most vulnerable. He’s shown that smarter, better government can be achieved with a hands on management style and a lot of backbone.”

“Promises Kept” and its copy is below.

Rob Astorino TV Spot –
Rob Astorino TV Spot – “Promises Made, Promises Kept”

Astorino: “Promises Kept” (30 sec)

Narrator: “Well, imagine that. A public official who keeps his word.

Joe Mosca: “Thanks, Rob!”

Narrator: “When Rob Astorino ran for County Executive, he said he’d put a stop to out-of-control tax increases, and he did.”

Donald Froude: “Thanks, Rob!”

Narrator: “Under his leadership, the county property tax levy has been reduced 2%. That matters to many struggling to get by.”

Tamaris Princi: “It matters to me.”

Narrator: “Rob Astorino, a leader who listens.”

Rob Astorino: The promise not to raise taxes has been kept, and the pledge continues.” (Applause).

Bazzo 06/14/13


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