CORTLANDT—Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe, who are running as a slate for Cortlandt Town Council, have won the support of the Working Families Party. The Working Families Party’s support is further proof that Pugh and Volpe are the true progressive choice for Cortlandt Town Council. The Pugh-Volpe team also recently won the support of the Independence Party and continues to campaign for the Democratic nomination in the September 10th Primary.

“I’m humbled to have the support of the Working Families Party. Over the years, I’ve worked closely with the Working Families Party on issues such as protecting Social Security and creating good jobs. I will continue to stand for social justice and economic security for everyone in our community,” said Brian Pugh.

“I am grateful for the Working Families Party’s support today just as I valued their support in the past. The WFP has fought tirelessly and without fear for middle class families. I am glad the Working Families Party recognizes that I will be just as vigorous in my defense of middle class families in Cortlandt,” said Domenic Volpe.

“The candidates all represented themselves well, but Brian Pugh and Domenic Volpe clearly had the most passion and knowledge on the issues that are important to us. The combination of their record of grassroots activism on behalf of progressive causes and their clear passion for the issues of the 99% make Brian and Domenic true progressive choice for Cortlandt,” said Pat Welsh, Chairman of the Westchester County Working Families Party.

Brian Pugh is a native of Croton¬-on¬-Hudson and community activist. He is a student at Fordham University School of Law and works at a renewable energy company in Westchester County. Domenic Volpe owns Domenic’s Cleaners, hosts a community television show (Wednesday Nights 9P.M. channel 15) and serves on the board of the Jan Peek Homeless Shelter.

Brian Pugh


Bazzo 06/10/13

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