Bazzo Says:



“State Assemblyman and Yorktown resident Steve Katz, recently voted for a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana as well as for a bill to decriminalize public possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Speaking Monday on the Assembly floor in Albany, Katz cited further research into the subject as the reason for his vote change on medicinal marijuana. He also added that his mother’s own spinal illness has changed his thinking on the issue.

“In my district, I heard some heartbreaking stories from friends who have had loved ones forced to contend with unimaginable pain,” Katz wrote in a letter to Yorktown News. “From experts, I learned of many ways that cannabinoid treatments can help assuage many ailments that current medicine doesn’t effectively treat. After hearing their concerns and support for this piece of legislation, I decided that this year, when the bill came up for a vote, I would support it.”

From a story in last weeks Yorktown News


According to recent local editorials, Katz’s was damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t. He first voted earlier this year against this legislation. He was by these same editorial boards castigated for this vote. A lot of this anamnesis resulted from a traffic stop that made headlines. Katz commented at the time that when the facts came out, he would be vindicated of those accusations. Turned out he would be correct.

Yet in stories and editorials relating about his change of heart regarding this legislation, I have read mention the original traffic stop, not the final result. You see in media, it is the original nasty that counts. If the conclusion differs from the original nasty, it is to be ignored. Oh, they will tell you that the conclusion was reported, however as you are seeing, in any subsequent coverage, it will be the original coverage that will be mentioned. The consequence of this is that if Katz decides to run again, you will be deluged with mailers that will include cut and paste the headlines from the original stories.

So a second vote on this legislation comes to the Assembly floor and Katz votes for it. He does this as he explains above, he revisited this issue and did more homework and this research concluded a change of mind was necessary. You see when a change of facts occur, you are allowed to alter your opinion.

EXCEPT if you are a Republican or worse a Conservative. Then you motives must have a nefarious self-serving reason. Instead of being applauded for his due diligence, he is excoriated for his vote. The joke is those excoriating him are in favor of this legislation. If Katz were a Democrat, he would have been applauded and said to have evolved.

Knowing Steve Katz as I do, I take him at his word on why he changes his mind. So should you. The problem will be in the Senate where compassion for the suffering is in short supply. You will be told as the Governor who is also against this has said, the fear of possible abuse is more important than the reality of the suffering that is happening as you read this. This is of course a canard. It masks the real reason, and this is the fear of losing votes of the uneducated who believe pot, unlike alcohol is a tool of the devil.

If possible or actual abuse were the real reason then we should bring back prohibition. We should mandate all automobiles have a top speed of 20 miles an hour. That’s just for starters. If our Governor and Senate representatives do not have the compassion for the sick and dying, then there is a place in hell reserved for them. One does not put the fear of what might be, over the reality of what is!

Assemblyman Steve Katz is right. The Senate should pass this. The Governor should sign this. This is what I say, what say you.


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