Bazzo says: Democrats Win The War On Women

Bazzo Says:


TITLE: Democrats Win The War On Women

The key to a magicians success is effective distraction. They keep you busy watching one thing while they are doing something else. The same goes for most politicians. Except, they distract you with the illusion of doing something really meaningful while in reality they are doing nothing. Add this to their contempt for your intelligence and you have our Governor’s latest sleight of hand.

Here is Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda:
preventing housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence (A. 6411);
prohibiting workplace discrimination against pregnant mothers (A. 6410);
creating an affirmative defense for victims of sex trafficking with harsher penalties for those convicted of sex trafficking (A. 6409);
affording military spouses more opportunities to obtain New York licensing in reduced time in order to join the work force more quickly (A. 7596);
stricter penalties for unlawful wage discrimination (A. 6407)
abortion bill that would “codify federal law.”
creating a zero tolerance policy across New York in regards to sexual harassment (A.6408); and
With existing federal and state laws, I have no idea where in New York the first five items are an issue except as an effort to distract you from the real issue of a leadership that has no problem with covering up sexual harassment as long as that cover up is not found out. That is why the last item is a joke.

In brief, Assemblyman Vito Lopez, now resigned from the Assembly, over a period of time engaged in the harassment of his female employees. When two came forward and complained to the Assembly Leader
Shelodon Silver, he quietly paid them off with tax dollars. He did not inform the ethics committee which by law he was required to do. In fact both the State Comptroller and the State Attorney General signed off on the deal and the checks were cut.

This enabled the Assemblyman’s harassing two more women. Two women who would not have been subjected to this lech, if existing law had been followed. This is how this cover up came to light, the last two went public. There was an investigation that was a sham. The investigators were not allowed to investigate the cover up. Only the Assemblyman. Sure, the report detailed the cover up, but assigned no blame. The Governor had two positions. One: That what the Assembly Leader did was not as bad as what the Assemblyman did. Two: he would not go after the Assembly Leader in order to protect his (the Governor’s) agenda.

There has been a dirth of silence by all the leading women’s right groups and women of the Assembly. Why the right’s groups? Easy, they receive a lot of tax dollars. The protection of that gravy train, like the Governor’s agenda was more important than what happened to those two women who would not have been subjected to harassment had the laws been followed.

As for the Assemblywomen, they were thrown a bone and allowed to have a breakfast with the Assembly Leader and call him dirty names behind closed doors. They are going to see what comes next in the way of reform. However they are not going to call for a new leader.

As long as the Governor, the women of the Assembly (also the men) and women’s right groups all behave in the manor that the cover up was not worse than the crime, when it comes to the above legislation, none have any credibility. The sad thing in all of this, as long as the Governor, the Attorney General, the Comptroller, and Assembly Leader are Democrats, women (and men) will vote for them.

In your heart of hearts, you know that if any were Republican or worse, Conservative, all of the enable’s would want their heads on a platter. You would have heard the common refrain, “Republican’s war on women”. Here is a reality check. As long as the present leadership in Albany remains, for all intents and purpose, women lost that war, and not to Republicans. This is what I say, what say you?


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