Peekskill Democrats Endorse Incumbents for November 2013 Election

For Immediate Release: May 24, 2013
Contact: Marina Ciotti 914-629-4853

Peekskill Democrats Endorse Incumbents for November Election

The Peekskill Democratic City Committee voted unanimously Thursday night to endorse Mayor Mary Foster for another term as Mayor of Peekskill.

Proven leadership by Mayor Mary Foster, Deputy Mayor Drew Claxton, Councilman Andy Torres and Councilwoman Marybeth McGowan in moving Peekskill forward as the business, entertainment, and cultural hub of the Hudson Valley earned the team unanimous endorsement by the Peekskill Democratic City Committee, (PDCC) for re-election this November.

Marina Ciotti, Chair of the PDCC, is excited about the results this seasoned and well-qualified team of leaders have achieved and the supportive business environment they have created. “The Democrats, led by Mayor Foster, have transformed Peekskill into a regional hub for business, art, dining and entertainment – all while dealing with an incredibly challenging economic environment,” Ms. Ciotti stated. “It is an exceptional accomplishment that, despite all the tough decisions they have had to make, Peekskill is successfully positioned to move forward towards an even bigger and brighter future.”

Ms. Ciotti also commented on the importance to the city of the re-launching of the Paramount Hudson Valley Theater, the imminent opening of the first “Green” Holiday Inn Express in New York State, the ongoing transformation of the waterfront district and continuing business expansion in the downtown. “These examples of the wonderful things happening in our city, and more anticipated in the coming year, are why we are thrilled to support Mayor Foster and her team for re-election.” She went on to say, “I believe that the majority of Peekskill’s residents share our democratic values and I look forward to their support in helping to re-elect this team of dedicated public servants who will continue to move our city forward.”

Chairwoman Ciotti invites all folks interested in participating in the electoral process go to the PDCC website ( for information on how to get involved.

=Bazzo 05/24/13


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