Westchester Legislators Approve $26.9 Million in Capital Projects since April 15


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Westchester Legislators Approve $26.9 Million in County Capital Projects since April 15

White Plains, NY – The Westchester County Board of Legislators unanimously approved bonding legislation for five new capital projects at its regular meeting this week, adding to the twenty other projects passed by the BOL since April 15 for a total investment of $26.9 million, a figure which translates to the creation of 208 year-long jobs for the county’s much-beleaguered construction industry.

(Job figures are based on the May 2009 Council of Economic Advisers’ “Estimates of Job Creation” report.)

Included in the twenty-five recently BOL approved capital projects are several multi-million dollar infrastructure investments, such as $2 million in repairs to the White Plains parking structure, $2.5 million in water system improvements and $3.1 million for the Lasdon Park maintenance facility. Also, the BOL gave the green light to $3.8 million for land acquisition and construction of affordable housing in Somers.

“I urge County Executive Astorino to give prompt attention to all of these unanimously approved pieces of legislation,” said Legislator Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining), chair of the BOL Government Operations Committee. “These projects are essential investments in our parks, roads, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure. As an added benefit, the capital projects passed by the Board of Legislators will create an estimated 208 jobs for trade union members here in the county.”

Borgia noted that nearly all of the capital project proposals emanated from the Administration, so the County Executive should readily advance them. All of the projects were carefully scrutinized and deliberated upon in the BOL Government Operations Committee and the BOL Budget & Appropriations Committee, chaired by Legislator Judy Myers (D-Larchmont).

“Westchester taxpayers should know that the Board of Legislators does not simply rubberstamp its approval on all of the capital projects that are submitted to committees for review,” added Borgia. “The Board’s fiduciary responsibility is to make sure that county resources are used wisely. If complete and appropriate information is lacking to justify the approval of capital spending, whether for just a few thousand dollars or several million dollars, then we request the Administration provide this support for each project before it is moved forward. This is illustrative of the checks and balances that mark good governance.”

The latest updating of the BOL’s Capital Projects Dashboard shows a total of $1.16 billion of approved projects representing about 12,000 potential jobs.


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