Bianco & Yorktown Dem Press Releases 05/21/13


I have been truly blessed, married to the same woman for 44 yrs. two children,
eight healthy grandchildren, retired from a wonderful law enforcement career,
started and served as Yorktown’s environmental inspector, conservation board,
and presently serving as a criminal investigator with the Legal Aid Society of
Westchester County serving poor people for the past 25 yrs. A job that I truly love
and can’t wait to go to work each day. I have been your councilman for almost 17
yrs. and have enjoyed it immensely. My career has been to serve people and I
truly love it. We live comfortably, have a wonderful home in a nice neighborhood
and Yorktown has been good to us. We are truly fortunate. My wife and I had
hoped to fill my present Town Council Term and perhaps retire. Maybe spend the
remaining years traveling, see our grandchildren and perhaps some day become
snow birds. But that’s not possible now.

I had hoped that this new administration would be different and perhaps there
would be compromises. However, this is not what has occurred. This
administration’s land use policies are of questionable motives and perhaps to
foster professional vested interests.

I want to give our residents the opportunity to make clear choices concerning
development. My land use philosophy has been progress with preservation.
Appropriate things in appropriate places. In order to take my philosophy and the
present supervisor’s philosophy out of the political arena and give it to the general
voters to make the decision… I am running for the position of Supervisor.
The choices are clear.. Our town, Yorktown, reminds me of the town from the
movie IT’S A WONDERFULL LIFE. That Town was Bedford Falls. Unfortunately,
once it fell into the wrong hands it turned into Pottersville. Under Yorktown’s
current management we are moving towards an urbanization aka Grace Town.
In Grace Town: the Town is for sale. The broker, attorney and engineer, land
use specialist are renting space in the Grace Building and doing business across
the street.

In Grace Town: Applicants stop here before going to Town hall.
In Grace Town: There is no progress with preservation. There’s definitely no
preservation, and there’s no progress at all. Just crazy
building without planning. More roads, more traffic.
In Grace Town: Any land use is OK.
In Grace Town: If you are a developer and need our town land – it’s yours.
In Grace Town: You want our wetlands? Fine, go ahead! Just take them!
In Grace Town: You want to get on a town committee or a town board? Forget
qualifications. It’s time to pay back favors. Campaign donors
step to the head of the line.
In Grace Town: Every neighborhood is vulnerable for development and
down zoning.
In Grace Town: Poor planning is good.
In Grace Town: Degradation of town services such as police, or schools, the
traffic, urbanization is Ok as long as we have development
and my friends are taken care of.
In Grace Town: You first use the land and then get approval. (Garbage on
Richard Pl)
In Grace Town: We do not want proper water meters. The suckers will pay for
In Grace Town: We meet in secret. No transparency.
In Grace Town: Instead of appropriate things in appropriate places. Anything

Friends, we’ve worked too hard and too long to let this go on. This is our town.
This is Yorktown, our home. If you like Grace Town, if you want it to turn into what
he wants, Grace City and all the urban woes that come along, then he’s your man.
But I’m talking to the rest of us. The people of this town, my friends and
constituents, my neighbors and fellow home owners, raising a family here. It’s time
for us to take Yorktown Back. Stand with me! It will be a tough battle to fight
these special interests and their out-of-town money. But this is Yorktown. It won’t
be the first time we’ve had to stand up and fight for what’s right. Stand with me and
let’s get this done.

Yorktown Democratic Committee Announces
Strong Slate for November Elections

May 21, 2013
Contact: Elliot Krowe
(914) 953-8326
Yorktown Democratic Committee Announces
Strong Slate for November Elections

Last night, the Yorktown Democratic Committee (“YDC”) gave long-time Town Board member Nick
Bianco an overwhelmingly enthusiastic endorsement to head their slate as candidate for Town
Supervisor. The assembled District Leaders gave him over ninety percent of the vote.
“Over the past eighteen months I’ve been increasingly dismayed and worried about what’s
happening to Yorktown,” Nick said. “I hate to see all the hard work we’ve done to improve this town
get destroyed.”

A staunch conservationist, Nick earned a 100% score in a survey by Green Yorktown. During his
time on the Board the town has added over 3,000 acres of new parkland and several new ball
fields. He was Yorktown’s first Environmental Inspector.

Nick is just as strongly pro-business. The Chamber of Commerce approached him to be the
business liaison on the Town Board. He has made several initiatives to support local businesses
and attract new ones to town. One statute that he proposed, now on the books, makes it illegal to
exercise eminent domain for private projects. He also proposed a tax abatement for rents for new
businesses who want to come to Yorktown.

“We’re thrilled to be able to have Nick Bianco heading our ticket in November,” Democratic Party
co-chairman Brendan Tully said. “During his more than sixteen years on the Town Board he has
consistently shown that the betterment of Yorktown is his primary concern.”
Ron Stokes, co-chairman, added, “When it comes to serving the people of this town, he has no
equal. Everyone knows that they can call him anytime, and he’ll be there for them right away,
regardless of party affiliation.”

There were four candidates whose names were placed in nomination last night, but two of them,
Lanny Gilbert and Steve Steenick, refused to accept, instead throwing their full support to Nick
when they learned of his candidacy. “I’ve known Nick for years,” Gilbert said. “I can’t think of
anyone better qualified to be Supervisor, or who’s over the years done more for the people of this

The Democrats also filled out the rest of their slate, nominating Vishnu Patel and Rich Campanaro
for council and Tom Diana for Highway Superintendant.

“These nominations round out the strongest possible Democratic team for this fall’s election,” said
Democratic Party Vice-Chair Elliot Krowe.
“This ticket is a great team for Yorktown,” added Bianco. “I’m proud to be on it.”
In County-wide races, The YDC also endorsed seven time incumbent Michael Kaplowitz for County
Legislator in the 4th legislative district and Duane Jackson, making his first run in the 1st district.

Nick Bianco and his wife Virginia have lived in Yorktown for almost 40 years. They raised two
children here, and are now blessed with eight grandchildren. After a long career as a law
enforcement officer serving in Westchester County, Nick continued in public service, working for
the past ten years as an investigator with the Westchester County Legal Aid Society to ensure the
safety of children and families. Before being elected to the Town Board, he served as the town’s
first environmental inspector. For more information please visit his website at

Tom Diana is a life-long Yorktowner. He and his wife raised two daughters who went through the
Lakeland School System. The family has grown with the addition of two grandchildren! Tom has
spent over 30 years as a law enforcement officer serving Yorktown, Cortlandt and Westchester
County. Tom also has extensive heavy mechanical and equipment experience which he has
developed since he was 19 years old. For more information please visit his website at

Vishnu Patel and his wife have raised two children in Yorktown who are both serving in the United
States Army after completing their studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Vishnu is a retired IBM scientist who actively supports high school science research projects.
Vishnu has been an active volunteer in Yorktown and has donated over 10,000 hours doing
charitable work for the betterment of Yorktown and the community. He has also made numerous
donations to organizations throughout our Town from computers to scholarship money. Vishnu
has been a Town Councilman for four years

Rich Companaro is a lifelong resident of Yorktown and a graduate of Lakeland High School. Rich
and his wife have four children active in the Yorktown School District. Rich has served the
community for the last 12 years as a youth baseball and football coach and as Baseball
Commissioner. For three years he served as President of the Yorktown Athletic Club. Rich is
respected among students, families, school and town officials, and business and non-profit leaders
who are deeply committed to Yorktown. His vast working knowledge of the community and his
commitment to its children and their environment are widely known.

bAZZO 05/22/13


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