Bazzo Says:Warning! Liberal Democrats At Work

Bazzo Says:


TITLE: Warning Liberal Democrats At Work


“No company should be able to determine how much it’s gonna pay in taxes!” “No company should be able to determine how many profits are gonna keep offshore.” “No company should be able to determine how they’re gonna bring ’em back home, the profits, using all kinds of gimmicks! to avoid paying taxes that should be paid in this country!”

Senate committee chairman Carl Levin of Senate Commerce Committee 05/21/13

Senator Levin was addressing CEO, Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer; tax specialists of Apple Computer
at a Senate hearing on Apple using existing tax laws written by these same people in the Senate and Congress to mitigate their taxes. These executives were summoned to appear even though it was admitted before the hearings that Apple broke no laws.

Think about what Senator Levin said. As an admitted Liberal Democrat he could only utter that statement if he believes all earned monies belong to government first. By the way, Apple did not use “gimmicks”, they used laws passed and voted for by this same Senator who now acts as if they magically appeared on their own.

Some Apple facts: Apple paid $6 billion last year to the US Treasury. Apple pays 2.5% of all income tax collected by the US Treasury. So it seem that it is not enough. That it is not their fair share. They still have more money than they need. So how much is enough? Who gets to decide what is their fair share?
Where in the Constitution they swore to uphold do they have any authority to decide any of this?

Apple has about $110 billion out of their $145 or $150 billion cash reserve overseas. They leave it there because to bring it home would cost them 35%. They have a holding company expressly to collect sales outside of the United States, which are not taxable anyway.

Apple is one of America’s greatest success stories. Apple was made an example of. They’re too successful, and they didn’t use government to get there. To a liberal, this is heresy. Remember if you are successful, you did not build that. Al prosperity must come from government.


Rhode Island Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, on the Senate floor starts talking about global warming and blaming the tornado on global warming. with in hours of this tragedy. Before the body count was finished. Like the shooting in Newtrown, Ct., where before the dead their were accounted for, Democrats can not help themselves in politizing tragedy.

Here are a couple of facts that man-made global warmists ignore: Tornado activity in this country is actually down. Temperatures have not risen for 15 years. From the BBC on the 19th of May 2013, “Climate Slowdown Means Extreme Rates of Warming ‘Not As Likely’.” From that story: “Since 1998, there has been an unexplained ‘standstill’ in the heating of the Earth’s atmosphere.”

It is interesting, these alarmists have their models projecting warming over the next 100 years. We are creating laws and regulations based on them. We are killing our domestic energy capabilities based on them. Yet the warming isn’t taking place. Obviously their baseline is the flawed. However they can not admit that. This is not a science to them, it is a religion.

When I read about the two above stories, I can not imagine why anyone can support this party on a national level. This is what I say, what say you?


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