the vote on Lakeland & Yorktown school district’s budgets. Next UTY meeting May 29, 2013

Dear members:
Tomorrow the vote on the school budgets, get out and vote, it’s another tax increase like every year.. All we voting for is more raises for these school officials and more benefits for all employees. When the budget passes the Yorktown’s district Superintendent will be making $264,355. In the Yorktown school district in their fund balance (surplus) $3.7 Million with $3 million in reserves,but still raising spending by $1.8 Million. The school districts are now spending up and more than the 2% cap. The school districts got more in state aid and increased the spending instead of reducing their budget to budget spending.
The UTY meeting on May 29th has been move to the conference room at the Yorktown Town Hall, I am asking you to first go in the main room at 7:00PM where the County Executive will be holding an open public meeting on the County of Westcher. At the conclusion of that meeting we wiil hold our meeting there if empty or move to the conference room down the hall.


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