PRESS RELEASE] Bianco nominated for Supervisor


Contact: Serafina Mastro, 914-497-7460


YORKTOWN, NY – Recent published accounts regarding the Yorktown Democratic Committee’s Monday meeting drew consternation from Yorktown residents when it was learned that Councilman Nick Bianco, a registered Conservative, had sought and apparently received the Democratic endorsement for Town Supervisor.

Yorktown Republican Committee Chairwoman Serafina Mastro said, “For sixteen years Nick Bianco has needed and begged for the Republican Party line to hold his seat on the board, where his results have been mixed at best. After initially opposing Supervisor Grace’s historic tax cuts, questioning $1 million in savings on the new garbage contract, as well as his failure to deliver on campaign promises like Shallow Creek, the dog park and the senior center, no wonder he is looking to jump ship.”

Bianco is one of the more controversial figures in the Board’s history. According to the Journal News, among his more controversial actions, Bianco was allegedly involved in the scandal regarding local political figures reportedly demanding graft from a local business in exchange for necessary zoning permits, which led to expensive litigation paid for by the town taxpayers.

“At the Town Board meeting of May 7, 2013, the Town was exposed to a distasteful display of third world political thuggery, orchestrated by Nick Bianco and co-chair of the Town’s local Democratic party, Brendan Tully, targeting the Winery as part of a personal political vendetta,” Mastro said. “This brand of transactional politics has created empty storefronts and made Yorktown one of the most business unfriendly towns in Westchester,” Mastro said.

Although the Winery eventually opened, Bianco recently denied the public hearing application regarding a new permit application for the Winery which could have alleviated traffic, created new parkland for the town and increased economic development in Mohegan Lake. Bianco’s actions were obvious political payback, Mastro said.

Mastro emphasized Bianco’s weak showing at the polls in 2011 and suggested voters are tired of his antics. The party flopping may be the final straw. “Tricky Nick seems to be running for Supervisor based on his private war against a local business owner,” she said.

“Four terms with Nick Bianco on the board led to a moribund local economy with businesses leaving in droves, which Supervisor Grace has only recently begun to rectify,” Mastro said. “Nick Bianco was more concerned with voting himself a pay increase than changing the status quo. It was only when the Yorktown Republican party elected pro-business candidates to the town board that we began to see the turnaround locally, no thanks to Nick Bianco. He is a true Obama Conservative.”

Bazzo 05/21/13


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