Bazzo Says: Bianco vs. Grace, The Race For Yorktown Supervisor Begins

Bazzo Says:


TITLE: Bianco vs. Grace, The Race For Supervisor Begins

So now it’s official. Yorktown Councilman Nick Bianco is running for Yorktown Supervisor. In response, the Yorktown Republican Committee sent out a press release that all but accused Bianco of mooning his constituents on a daily basis.

According to Yorktown Republican Committee Chairwoman Serafina Mastro “For sixteen years Nick Bianco has needed and begged for the Republican Party line to hold his seat on the board, where his results have been mixed at best. So why in God’s name did they give him the Republican line all these years including 2012. Obviously hell hath no fury like a political party spurned.

Sarafina continued “”At the Town Board meeting of May 7, 2013, the Town was exposed to a distasteful display of third world political thuggery, orchestrated by Nick Bianco and co-chair of the Town’s local Democratic party, Brendan Tully, targeting the Winery as part of a personal political vendetta,” This is pure poppy cock. Nick has been a continued opponent of the Winery his whole time which this has been an issue. Nothing had to be orchestrated, as Nick’s vote was entirely consistent with his past votes and Safafina knows it. I would venture a guess that Brendan Tully piggy backed on Nick’s vote as a more reasonable explanation.

Now you should know that Nick and I have been at logger heads over the Winery for years. Yet, and proving that Nick is a class act, he has never held that difference against our long time friendship. Nick, like David Paganelli, Eric DiBartolo and Don Peters all know that one never aggress with their spouse 100% of the time, so why would one expect their friends to do so? As class acts, they allow their friends to have an independent thought. Politics is temporary, friendships are not.

Sarafina also said, “”Four terms with Nick Bianco on the board led to a moribund local economy with businesses leaving in droves”. WOW! Nick had that kind of power. Who knew? I thought it was the recession. I thought it was the anti-business climate coming out of Albany and Washington. How stupid was I? All the ills in Yorktown are NIck’s fault. I think not!

I find it funny all this hub-bub over this recent vote concerning the Winery. You have a Supervisor who is acting like he was kicked in the gut. It was one vote that he lost. He did not make a more persuasive argument than the opposition. It is as simple as that. Nobody was denied their constitutional rights as the Supervisor implies. There was a petition before the board, it was denied. No one has the right to have their petition granted. The property in question is owned by the town. The town, via the board, voted no. If the Winery owned the property, then the issue of constitutionality would come into question.

Now he wants to wage political war with the help of the Yorktown Republican Party which is dumb. Both Nick and David are still on the board for another two years. Talk about a perfect recipe for grid lock or being on a continued losing side of votes.

I was asked by a political friend of mine “would Democrats vote for a Conservative? In this case yes. One: Conservatism reaches across party lines. Two: Nick has been on the board for 18 years. He has a record. This record defies being pigeon hold. Nick like Grace will be judged on their record. That is how it should be and will be when an incumbent is on the ballot.

Yorktown now has a competitive race for Supervisor. That is how it should be. All eyes will be on the race for Supervisor and the Republican primary for Highway Superintendent. More likely than not, there will also be primaries on both races for the Conservative and Independent lines. In the world of politics, this will anything but a boring summer. This is what I say, what say you?


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