Tax Freedom Day: New York Continues to Oppress Wallets


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Assemblyman Steve Katz (R,C,I-Yorktown) today expressed concern about the economic future of New York because of the unfair tax burden the state forces upon its citizens. The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan group, has declared today Tax Freedom Day in New York State. Tax Freedom Day commemorates the day full-time employees’ wages begin to go directly into their pockets. Every dollar earned before today was used to cover the employees’ tax liability.

“New York took the second-longest of any state to reach its Tax Freedom Day, and that should concern everyone here in Albany,” Katz said. “We must reduce the financial burden we place on families to keep this bloated monster of a government in Albany afloat. It’s time we cut spending and taxes. You cannot tax your way into prosperity, and we’ve seen that as New York’s citizens continue to leave the state for more pocketbook-friendly states.”

Katz has worked to limit and reduce property taxes in New York State. He has sponsored Assembly Bill 4329, which would freeze property taxes for senior citizens and the disabled with incomes of under $40,000. He has also co-sponsored Assembly Bill 6615, which would provide a $10,000 tax credit for child care of a pre-school aged child.

Katz is also a vocal supporter of mandate relief for the localities and school districts in New York. He has sponsored the New York State Mandate Relief for Counties Act (A. 5573). Unfunded mandates placed on counties lead to an escalating tax burden on the local level. The proposed bill would enact nine separate proposals that allow for mandate relief. The bill has been referred to the Assembly Health Committee.

For any questions regarding Katz and his economic policies, please contact his district office at (845) 628-3781. The assemblyman can also be reached by e-mail at

Bazzo 05/07./13


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