Yorktown Planning Board: Staples Cenyer, Navajo Fields, Winery 04/22/13

Planning Board
April 22, 2013
Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit ciyinfo.org

1. Hudson Valley Islamic Center
The Board asked for more information about the outdoor lighting that was installed without an approved plan and which does not meet Town code in certain areas.

2. Creative Living (Navajo Fields)
The Board went into a closed excessive session to discuss the application.

During the open session discussion, Mr. Capellini, the applicant’s attorney, asked the Board to expedite the approval process so that a dome could be erected by November. Issues raised during the discussion included: the provision for toilet facilities, the status of the applicant’s not-for-profit-status as it relates to the correct zoning for the site, the need for ZBA height and side yard variances and the long term impacts of the project and whether there was a SEQRA segmentation issue.

3. Staples Plaza, Self Storage
The intended tenant is now Extra Space Storage, replacing Planet Storage.

The entrance to the shopping center has been redesigned and the Board agreed with the three new smaller signs. The Board continued to express concern over the Town’s long term ability to enforcement maintenance requirements. A public hearing will be held in May.

4. BJ’s Propane Facility
The Board reviewed a revised site plan for the above ground 36’ x 36’ facility in the same location as previously discussed. The owner of Yorktown Beer and Soda which has a propane facility that the Town required to be buried asked that BJ’s also be required to bury its tanks. BJ’s will explore the option.

5. Winery wetlands permit
On a referral from the Town Board, the Planning Board expressed frustration that the required site plan improvements had not yet been made. Mr. Fon noted that there wasn’t much time for the applicant to complete the work before the site’s temporary certificate of occupancy expired, although he thought the work could be “banged out” quickly.

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