This Jus In: Ron Stokes for the vacant County Court seat in 2013

3224 S. Shelley Street
Mohegan Lake, New York 10547
(914) 245 5769

Fellow Democrats,

We wish to add our voices to those who support Ron Stokes for the vacant County Court seat in 2013. There are a number of qualified aspirants but Ron’s credentials, both as a criminal lawyer and as a Democrat, are at a different level.

In Westchester the County Court is the trial court for felony matters (serious crimes). Criminal matters are the vast majority of the court’s business. Criminal law experience is therefore the defining legal credential for the office. No other candidate has Ron’s experience in the criminal law, 34 years full-time, 5,000 prior criminal matters, 80 completed trials, half of which took place in the County Court.

That criminal-specific background is why Ron was found “highly qualified” by the Governor’s Screening Committee. That finding was the basis of his appointment to temporary vacancies on the County Court in ’93 & ’94. Ron did not actually sit because there were no Senate confirmations state-wide in those years. But the appointments are proof of Ron’s criminal law credentials that no other candidate brings to the table.

Ron’s credentials as a Democrat are also uniquely senior. No other candidate is a prior nominee, prior State Committeeman, prior Assembly candidate, prior treasurer for 5 county-wide campaigns, prior vice-Chair of a local party or co-Chair. His is a nearly 40-year record of Democratic service to which we as former County Chairs bear witness.

Ron was there in the service of the Democratic Party, running the forlorn hope races in the out years of the last century, when Democrats usually did not win. He is the last candidate for County Court on the Democratic line who is not now on the bench. Since Ron’s last race in 1999 only 1 other Democrat out of 12 contested races lost, and that candidate was subsequently renominated and won.

Clearly Ron’s credentials are of a different order of seniority, breadth and depth. Notwithstanding that he has dutifully withdrawn in favor of other choices by the Executive Committee in the last 4 nomination contests.

Simply stated, Ron’s nomination is not only the correct thing for us to do, it is also the right thing for us to do. We urge the Westchester Democratic Party to nominate Ron Stokes for County Court Judge in 2013.




Bazzo 04/21/13


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