Public Meeting Agendas]Yorktown Planning Board Meeting 04/22/13

Planning Board Meeting

1974 Commerce Street, Room 104, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
April 22, 2013 7:30 PM



Liaison Reports

Minutes: April 8, 2013


Hilltop Associates

SBL: 37.6-1-25

Discussion Subdivision

Location: Hilltop Road

Contact: Al Capellini

Description: A 3 lot subdivision approved by Planning Board Resolution 08-02 on January 14, 2008. Discussion amendments to subdivision pursuant to DEP review.

Hudson Valley Islamic Community Center

SBL: 15.11-1-17.1

Discussion Site Plan

Location: 3680 Lexington Avenue

Contact: Site Design Consultants

Description: Amended site plan approved by Resolution 10-09 dated May 10, 2010. Discussion as-built plan and lighting plan.

Creative Living Development

SBL: 6.14-1-2

Location: Navajo Road

Contact: Site Design Consultants

Description: Proposed site plan for approval of Phase I project to erect an air-supported dome over the southern baseball field and associated improvements.

Lake Osceola Realty Corp.

SBL: 17.5-1-11

Discussion Approved Subdivision

Location: 505 East Main Street

Contact: Site Design Consultants

Description: Approved 27,000 SF office building and associated parking.

Staples Plaza – Self Storage

SBL: 36.6-2-76

Discussion Special Permit & Amended Site Plan

Location: 3333 Crompond Road

Contact: UB Yorktown, LLC/John Meyer Consulting, PC

Description: Request for a Special Use Permit for a self-storage facility in the lower level of the existing main building and related site work.

BJ’s Wholesale Propane Facility

SBL: 36.6-2-75

Special Permit Application for Outdoor Service

Location: 3315 Crompond Road

Contact: BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc/John Meyer Consulting, PC

Description: Construction of an outdoor, above ground propane filling facility within the parking lot of the existing BJ’s Warehouse property.

Yorktown Farms fka Somers Realty

SBL: 17.6-2-32

Site Plan Review of Lots 10 & 18

Location: Route 6 & Town of Somers

Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, PC

Description: A 22 lot subdivision approved by Resolution 08-03 dated February 11, 2008.

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