Bazzo Says: “Wohl” See Who’s Has The Better Argument

Bazzo Says:

TITLE: “Wohl” See Who’s Has The Better Argument

For those Yorktown News readers, in their sister publication Mahopac News they have a liberal commentator Steven J. Wohl. He is a proud, unabashed liberal. From time to time, I have responded to his columns with one of my own that has appeared only in the Mahopac news. For the last few weeks he has been busy writing about numerous topics that I have taken exception to. I would like, this week to share his thoughts and my opinions of them with you.


WOHL: Readers: did you know that a court has actually convicted President Bush, V.P. Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and four others for torture? That’s a fact: on May 14, 2012, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal convicted our former President and his cohorts of war crimes. Previously, in Nov. 2011, the same Court convicted Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair of crimes against humanity and genocide for authorizing and conducting our wholly baseless invasion of Iraq in the first place, searching for so-called “weapons of mass destruction” that Saddam had relinquished more than a decade earlier. The result of Bush’s actions was the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and more than 4000 of our brave soldiers. The politicians like to say that these soldiers “didn’t die in vain.” I’m glad I’m not one of the parents who have to buy that line.

BAZZO: “Wholly baseless invasion of Iraq”. The re-writing of history is a staple of the liberal.

1) Not only did our Intelligence say he had the weapons, so did Israeli intelligence and European intelligence say the same thing. Our Congressional and Senate intelligence over site committees all were given the same information the President was. They concurred.

2) There were two resolutions authorizing the use of force in Iraq. This was demanded by then Senate Majority Leader Tom Dasshal (D). Both resolutions passed the Senate with over two thirds majorities. These resolutions listed six reason for use of force. Weapons of mass destruction was number 4.

3) It was after it was found out that everyone’s intelligence was faulty that those Democrats who whole heartedly voted twice for use of force, tried to walk it back saying they were fooled by Bush and Rumsfeld . Secretary of State Collin Powell was given a pass as being a useful idiot. Even though he was a registered Republican, he was always a darling of the left. The Democrats and the media always omitted the fact that their colleagues in the intelligence committees concurred with all the assessments . I was always amused by their “I was fooled argument”, because the Democrats always accused Bush of being the dumbest man ever to occupy the Presidency. By saying they were fooled, they were also admitting they were dumber than the dumbest man ever to occupy the Presidency. Of course the media never pointed that part of the equation out.

4) As unrest in the Middle East has been going on since the beginning of time (or so it seems), and since 9/11 we were no longer able to fully count on Saudi Arabia as an ally, any one who can read a map can see the strategic importance of Iraq and having military bases stationed there. For our national security, not only was this war not baseless, but necessary. It history proves our fighting forces died in vain, it will be this President and his inept foreign policy in regards to Iraq that took for us defeat from the jaws of victory.


WOHL: A few weeks ago, North Dakota Republicans enacted a law which essentially prohibits all abortions at about six weeks of pregnancy. They then passed a so-called “fetal personhood amendment” which will appear on the State ballot next year and, if approved, will ban all abortions, even those in cases of rape, incest or threat to the mother’s life.

As I write this, however, a unifying principle of modern conservatism is coming into focus. It is not that these conservatives really value individual freedom. If that were the case, conservatives would be in the forefront of the gay marriage movement and among the first to support a woman’s right to choose. They would vote to fund programs that enhance the ability of our vets to enjoy the individual freedoms these so-called conservatives supposedly espouse. Rather, this is the unifying principle of modern conservatism: subjugation. Subjugation of the beliefs of those who do not agree with them to whatever positions these “conservatives” are taking, whether or not those positions promote or deny individual freedom. How ironic that the conservative philosophy of individual freedom has been perverted into the philosophy of subjugation of individual freedom. Hypocrisy, thy name is modern conservatism!

BAZZO: It should be noted that this column appeared the week after the new and various scandals that plague Albany was all over the news. Instead of any kind of outrage he exhibits over the above topic in his column then, he has shown no equal outrage over the corruption in Albany in any of his subsequent columns. A Corruption in Albany that affects all of us, including Mr. Wohl, does not deserve a mention, but a proposed law in North Dakota that affects us not one bit, gets the full outrage treatment. Remember this is not even a law yet, but just a ballot initiative. The corruption in Albany is now, we need all the voices we can muster to force our Governor and Legislators to enact meaningful legislation, not sound bites!

As for what Conservatives should be embracing, why in God’s name would anyone take advice from a liberal. A Conservative would have to be nuts to think a Liberal would offer advise that would be beneficial to a Conservative. Basically Mr. Wohl is saying, drop you beliefs and convictions and adopt ours.

“Subjugation of the beliefs of those who do not agree” is the playbook of the Liberal. Conservative welcome the debate in the arena of ideas. The Liberal shouts down dissent. The Liberal smears the character of the dissenter. In short, the Liberal demagogues dissenters. They use the term “pro-choice”, yet if your choice is life, you are a Neanderthal.

“How ironic that the conservative philosophy of individual freedom has been perverted into the philosophy of subjugation of individual freedom”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Individual freedom starts with the preamble of the Constitution where the first unalienable right granted by our creator, is the right to life. Life first! Then liberty and pursuit of happiness.

It is the Liberal that champions death. From abortion without restrictions, euthanasia (see Oregon law) to the right to kill a living baby that survives a late term abortion, which is the definition of infanticide, a law (that did not pass) in Illinois that President Obama twice voted for when he was an Illinois State Senator. Remember he was famous for voting “present”on most legislation, but this law merited him to actually vote “yeah”, twice!


WOHL: I admit it. When it comes to reforming the entitlements programs, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (we’ll leave Obamacare for another day), this liberal is conflicted. While I am totally opposed to cuts in Medicaid, the joint State-Federal program that addresses the health care needs of our least well-off fellow citizens, I can’t say the same for the other two.
I have paid into Social Security and Medicare all of my working life and, since I’m not retired and don’t plan on retiring for at least a few more years, I continue to pay in. But now that I’m over 66 years old and receiving benefits from both programs, I ask myself: Should the government be allowed to come along now and change the rules of “the game,” whether by tying the amount of Social Security benefits I receive into the amount of retirement income I still earn, or by increasing the taxes I pay into the system because I am still working? I think not.

BAZZO: ” Should the government be allowed to come along now and change the rules of “the game,” whether by tying the amount of Social Security benefits I receive into the amount of retirement income I still earn, or by increasing the taxes I pay”

1) This has been done to retirees since Carter in my lifetime. Carter and his Democrat controlled Congress raised the age of eligibility. But it did not affect those already receiving benefits or close to receiving them. Like Republican proposals now, no one receiving benefits or over the age of fifty-five when and if any reform is enacted, are affected.

2) It was under Clinton and the Democrat controlled Congress that taxed Social Security income. That included those already receiving benefits. I wonder if Mr.Wohl was just as disquieted then when he was only a contributor, not a receiver? The greatest lie about Social Security in my life time is that Republicans want grandma to eat cat food. It has been Democrats, time and time again who have negatively affected those Seniors already receiving benefits. It is under this President, a Democrat, that changing the definition of the rate of inflation and tying them to benefits for present recipients is under consideration, Not Ryan, not the Republicans.

3) ” (we’ll leave Obamacare for another day)”. You know why he wishes to leave “Obama Care” for another day? It is because “Obama Care” takes 716 trillion dollars out of Medicare and gives it to Medicaid. He must leave it out for now, for it differs with the template that republicans want grandma to die.

The Liberal will tell you that this is not true. That the Medicare savings come from waste and fraud. Not true! According to the recent CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report on this subject, there is only 125 billion dollars on waste and fraud. The rest of the savings come from an appointed panel, another government created bureaucracy, that is vested with the power to decide if your projected life span is worth the cost of any treatment Doctors suggest.

You were told that greedy private insurance companies were denying people coverage they deemed too expensive or too experimental. That they were superceding Doctor’s opinion by putting profit first. Well according to Congressional reports, Medicare denies more coverage then all private insurance coverage combined. “Obama Care” doubles down on that.

I will let you decide who has the better argument in the arena of ideas. This is what I say, what say you?

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