NEWS RELEASE: Volpe-Pugh Ticket Joins Race for Cortlandt Town Board


April 18, 2013

Contact: Domenic Volpe, 914-737-9184 or Brian Pugh, 914-374-3960

Volpe-Pugh Ticket Joins Race for Cortlandt Town Board

Local small businessman Domenic Volpe and community activist Brian Pugh announced that they will be running as a slate in the Tuesday, September 10th Democratic Party primary to fill the two open seats on the Cortlandt Town Board.

Volpe and Pugh plan to focus on the following issues:

· Protecting quality of life and preserving the environment by promoting alternative energy and opposing the privatization of the Montrose VA.

· Maintaining Cortlandt’s historically low property taxes through greater sharing of services with other local governments and encouraging energy efficiency.

· Building local identity with community activities.

“Domenic Volpe is a pillar of this community. Domenic is a 25 year resident of northern Cortlandt and has raised a family here. As an entrepreneur, he knows the value of a dollar and how to do more with less. Domenic would be a strong addition to the Town Board, where he would bring a businessman’s perspective. I would be proud to serve with him,” said Brian Pugh.

Domenic Volpe owns Domenic’s Cleaners, hosts a community television show and serves on the board of the Jan Peek Homeless Shelter. Volpe supports countless community initiatives, such as “Dapper Don” and “Darling Debbie” program. In addition, Volpe is the former chair Pride in Cortlandt Committee and Town of Cortlandt Earth Day Clean-up Chair and has served as a Travel assistant coach for the Town of Cortlandt. Volpe is also a member of the Westchester County Democratic Committee and the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce.

“Brian Pugh is a native of the Village of Croton in the Town of Cortlandt. As a native son, Brian Pugh has strong ties to the community and a deep appreciation for the outstanding quality of life we enjoy in Cortlandt. Brian is an innovative thinker and energetic activist. Brian has already done more as a grassroots activist than many people do in elected office. Our town needs someone with Brian’s enthusiasm and fresh perspective,” said Domenic Volpe.

Brian Pugh works for a renewable energy company in Westchester and attends Fordham Law School. Previously, he worked for a local labor federation and was an aide in the New York State Assembly. Pugh helped lead a 2011 referendum campaign in Croton to move village elections from March to November, to increase voter turnout and save taxpayer dollars. Pugh is also a Town of Cortlandt Democratic District Leader, Northern Representative on the board of the Westchester Young Democrats and has worked on and volunteered for numerous local Democratic campaigns.

Brian Pugh


Bazzo 04/18/13


2 responses to “NEWS RELEASE: Volpe-Pugh Ticket Joins Race for Cortlandt Town Board

  1. Please post details–as to when the democratic primary would be.

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