Assemblywoman Galef Announces Summer 2013 Internship Openings

For Immediate Release Contact: Sandy Galef (914) 941-1111

Assemblywoman Galef Announces Summer 2013 Internship Openings

Interns gain real world experience working in local government office

(April 16, 2013) New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef is now accepting applications for unpaid internship positions available in her district office this summer. The program offers high school and college aged students the ability to develop marketable skills, explore interests in government, and serve their local community and New York State. Internships provide unique experiential learning for students as they truly participate in the day-to-day activities of government.

Interns help with the daily operations of Assemblywoman Galef’s district office located in downtown Ossining. They work on important projects and assignments that are crucial to the functioning of the office. Interns help with such projects as letter writing, creating press releases, researching legislation, data entry, and working on material for newsletters, forums, television shows, and other special projects. Interns also work with constituents to help them solve problems they may be having which involve state or local agencies and government entities.

“The interns are an invaluable asset to my office,” said Assemblywoman Galef. “They learn as they work, expanding their talents while discovering new ones. Aside from the interns learning so much through their experiences in my office, I also learn a lot from getting to work with these incredible young men and women,” said Assemblywoman Galef.

In addition to their experiences in the local district office, interns often get the chance to accompany the Assemblywoman to the State Capitol in Albany. Interns gain skills that help them once they graduate school and enter careers, and many have experiences that stick with them forever.

“When I first started interning in the district office I was afraid that I would just be doing busy- work or filing papers, but I was quickly and pleasantly surprised at the importance of the work that I was doing and how much my input was valued,” said intern and Briarcliff High School student Ross Beroff. “After the October Superstorm I had the unique opportunity to help constituents with issues that they were having by working with their local municipalities or the utility companies. I also had the incredible opportunity to attend Governor Cuomo’s 2013 State of the State address, and meet with other state and federal officials while in Albany, thanks to Assemblywoman Galef.”

Assemblywoman Galef’s office is currently seeking interns. If you are interested in more information on the internship program or looking to apply, please contact Dana Levenberg at (914) 941-1111 or The application is also available on Assemblywoman Galef’s website at in the left hand orange column under “intern application.”

Bazzo 04/17/13


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