Paganelii Loses Bid For Yorktown Republican Nomination For Highway Superintendent


Last night at a meeting of the Yorktown Republican Party to nominate the standard barer for the position of Highway Superintendent, it was decided on the second ballot that the party nominee would be Gregory Benard.

This is the same Gregory Benard who lost a Republican primary four years ago to present Highway Supervisor Eric DiBartolo.

It seem that Mr. Benard got one more vote than present Councilman David Paganelli.


Will Paganelli primary? Does he let 50 people decide for the Republicans of Yorktown who their nominee should be?

With past opponent now the nominee, will DiBartolo sit out the primary?

Who will get the secondary nominations (Conservative & Independents) ?

Is it true that Tom Diana will be the Democrat nominee?

Has there been a deal to secure second party nominations for Republicans only in Yorktown?

Is former Councilman James Martorano seriously considering a run for Supervisor on the Democrat ticket?

Bazzo 04/11/13

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