Yorktown Planning Board: New subdivisions, Navajo Fields and changes at BJs 04/08/13

Planning Board
April 8, 2013

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all 14 agenda items, visit ciyinfo.org.

1. Costco
Chairman Fon explained that the Town is waiting for Costco to submit the FEIS (Final Environmental Impact Statement) that responds to all the questions and issues raised during the DEIS public hearing and that the Planning Board is not holding back anything.

2. A&P (Shrub Oak and Yorktown Heights)
The Board tabled a request to renew the special permits to allow both A&P locations to have an outdoor sales area.

3. Faith Bible Church (Mohegan Avenue)
The Board postponed taking any action pending an interpretation of the zoning ordinance dealing with the previous conversion of residential structures for church use.

4. Stony Street Subdivision
The Board reviewed a pre-preliminary plan to build 12 single family homes on an 8.05 acre site in a half acre zone. The parcel is between Judy and Sunny Ridge Roads. Access to the lots would be by “opening up” three currently dead end streets: High Point, Shelly and Sunny Court.

5. BJ’s propane facility
The Board reviewed a site plan to construct an above ground propane facility for two 1,000 gallon propane tanks, one to be built initially and the second based on demand, to be located near the tire center and serviced by the center’s staff.

6. Planet Storage (and redesign of entrance to shopping center)
The Board rejected the applicant’s plan for a 14 foot tall directional sign and told the applicant to return with something more in the 4-6 foot range. Also, as part of the state Route 202 widening project, the entrance to the shopping center is being redesigned.

7. Fieldstone Manor
The applicant is now requesting permission for 21 lots instead of 16 and wants to create seven units in the mansion instead of the two units that were originally proposed.

8. Creative Living
A long range Master Plan for the site was presented that calls for two domes over the existing fields in the center of the site in a Phase I and Phase II. A third phase would be a 4-story building and underground parking and roof top fields on the east side of the parcel. A fourth phase would be a new barn and horse paddocks on the west side of the property. The applicant is currently seeking approval only for the Phase I dome. There were questions about the applicant’s non profit status.

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