Assemblywoman Galef Statement on Abuses by Elected Officials

For Immediate Release Contact: Sandy Galef

(914) 941-1111

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef’s Statement Regarding

Abuses by Officials in State and Local Government

(April 4, 2012) The multiple scandals surrounding elected officials in New York State are a disgrace. As state legislators, we must reform how we finance campaigns and the member items process. Both of these systems have been at the forefront of corruption in government offices.

All too often money has motivated politicians to make foolish choices in an effort to boost their political stature, to benefit them personally, or to influence elections. This must stop. Reforming both of these systems—campaign finance and member items—would go a long way to cutting off the feeding tube of temptation and abuse that undermine the public trust.

I deplore the latest spate of abuses by public officials, and call for those who know they are guilty to take responsibility for their actions and step down from public office so that the public trust can be restored.

Bazzo 04/05/13


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