Bazzo Says: The Reality Of The New York State Budget

Bazzo Says:


TITLE: The Reality Of The New York State Budget

Governor Cuomo, like many in the Legislature including our own State Senator Greg Ball, believes in easing the unfairness of life with other people’s money. If you think I am wrong about our State Senator, remember he voted for this new budget. But the great flaw in that theory is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. The other great flaw is, no matter the failure’s of said policies, our Representatives believe the only answer is more money and more government. See the continued increase in education and health care spending at rates higher than inflation. This year the increase in Education is 7.5%.

The Governor and the entire Legislature are running for re-election in 2014, so this is the year they can let the liberal cat out of the bag. They have agreed to a budget of 142 billion dollars. In this new budget They are keeping the temporary tax on high end earners that was set to expire next year. They pushed to keep this tax till 2015 so it does not become an issue next year. . This temporary tax netted the state 2 billion dollars, monies he and the legislature will need as they pass out government goodies in usually successful efforts to buy your votes. In the most blatant attempt to buy your vote I have ever seen in my lifetime, the new budget allocates out of that 2 billion dollars, upwards of $350,000,000 to send families with children making between $30,000.00 – $300,000.00 next October, right before the election, a rebate check for $350.00.

This is the amount they have calculated you will sell your self esteem for. Think about this. If you were to offer a $350.00 check to your representative to buy their vote on a particular piece of legislation, you would be arrested and charged with attempted bribery and sent to jail. Yet when your Government sends you a check for $350.00 right before the election, it is called a rebate. Better yet, why is it only families with children? Why not childless couples? Why not singles? Why not gay couples? After all it was only two years ago they legalized gay marriage. Why is this not discrimination? Is it only families with children in those income brackets whose votes are worth buying? I am for sale, send me a check! I’ll write nice things about you.

This new budget will also have the affect, which you are to ignore, of sending more of those high end earners to States like Texas and Florida which have no state tax. Why is that you ask? The high end earners have a combined federal and state income tax bourdon of 55%. By relocating to states without an income tax, the rate paid by high income earners drops to 38%.

This new budget keep the utility tax surcharge. This cost you about $55.00 a year and big companies $30,000.00 a year. They say this will be phased out over three years starting in 2014 when they are running for re-election. By saying they are going to eliminate the high end tax in 2015, phase out the utility tax surcharge and send families with children a rebate check, they can run that lying piece of garbage commercial you see on TV that says under their watch, New York is a tax cutting, job creating, open for business New, New York. It is your tax dollars that are paying for this garbage.

Here are a couple of facts according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics. 1) Unemployment is still over 9%, almost two percentage points above the national average. 2) New York’s Empire State Economic Development Corporation says New York saw a net gain of 50,000 jobs since 2011. Bureau of Labor shows 42,495 businesses created starting in 2011, also a loss of 39,453 for only a net gain of 3,042 jobs.

Here is why unemployment in New York will continue to tick upwards, not down. This budget increases over three years, the minimum wage to $9.00 per hour by 2015. This in spite of New York’s fiscal policies keeping our unemployment rate a full percentage point above the national average. What he is doing is pricing unskilled labor out of the market. You the voter, are to judge our government on their compassion, not the results, which only hurt the low income brackets. To prove my point, this new budget allocates tax breaks for business not to fire employees affected by this hike in the minimum wage. These breaks do not cover the costs, so it will be meaningless, other than our Representatives going around next year saying they gave small businesses a tax break. I can hear Senator Ball now.

Try this on for size. Mayor Bloomberg want to set a minimum price on a pack of cigarettes at $10.50 a pack to discourage discount sales. He figures,and rightly so that the higher price will discourage low income people from buying. So why in good God’s name would anyone but a pandering politician think by raising the cost of employment would increase employment? What will happen if Bloomberg gets his way, black market sales, already a billion dollar business, will increase. People are not buying less, even though Bloomberg says so, they are just not buying a New York City prices. Just the same, small businesses will hire more off – the – books help to escape the payroll taxes, so they can pay the higher minimum wage.

This budget, like the commercial is a bunch of bull. A study by the think tank at George Mason University, done before this budget, concluded, New York is the highest taxing state and is the worst, even more than California, in personal freedoms, meaning over regulating. We are also the most indebted state. There is nothing in this new budget that changes that. There is nothing happening in Albany that changes the prevailing wisdom that you are too stupid to live without their regulating everything you do. So when our Governor and State Senator call you, meet you, or send you mailers saying how much they have done for you, reply, “liar,liar, pants on fire.”. It is not what they have done for you, it is what they continue to do to you. This is what I say, what say you?


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