Bazzo Says:Steve Is Still The “Katz” Meow

Bazzo Says:

TITLE: Steve Is Still The “Katz” Meow

He should hang his head in shame, then off with it! He should resign in disgrace and be banished to the land of Nod! What nefarious elected official are we talking about? Censured Congressman Charles Rangle? State Senators Huntley or Espada? Other Albany officials who stole either from us or worse, the poor and seniors? No the nefarious elected official was State Assemblyman Steve Katz who was ticketed for speeding and found in possession of a small amount of pot, according to State Police in a front page story in this publication last week “:After Pot Charge, Democrats Call On Katz To Resign”.

Both Putnam County Democrat Chairman Victor Grossman and Yorktown Democrat Committee Co-Chairman Bendan Tully both call for Katz’ resignation, both cited Katz’s no vote on medical marijuana as a sign of hypocrisy. Mind you these charges are only misdemeanors. Yet according to an editorial in another publication, these misdemeanors are on the same moral footing as the convicted and alleged felons in the legislature of the Democratic party and should be treated the same. If you want a lesson in true hypocrisy, look no further than their silence when Democrats in the Legislature are charged with felonies. You see if it is a Democrat, then the presumption of innocence applies. It does not matter if they are not our direct representatives, they stole from all of us as it was our tax dollars.

Was Katz’s vote against medical marijuana hypocritical? Depends on how you look at it. Remember I wrote that it should be legalized in my November column “It Is Time For New York To Go To Pot” If you are of the belief that an elected official’s duty is to codify into law their person preferences, then the answer is yes. You would also see no problem with New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s attempted ban on sugary beverages in containers more than 16ozs, putting cigarettes behind locked doors, dictating how much salt you can use etc. You believe in the nanny state.

If you are of the belief that an elected official’s job is to represent his constituency, then the answer is no. I believe that Katz’s vote represented his constituency. I also believe that many of that same “do not legalize”

constituency also smoke pot. Is that hypocrisy, or is it just not trying to perpetuate a habit they can not break?

Also just because an elected official is not of the same mind set of a reporter does not justify lousy reporting. Dr. Katz was not arrested, even though another publication said so more than once in the same story. A simple check would have found he was only issued tickets. I think an apology besides a correction are in order.

Also their editorial bringing up his past altercations was unfair. In my past cable t.v. show Bruce The Blog Goes Bazzo, Bruce Apar, my co-host and I sat down with Steve for a full half hour and discussed these. You can still see his side of the story on YOUTUBE:

Dr. Katz is also finding out who his friends are in the world of politics. He is finding out that when trouble comes, these political friends will distance themselves from him. If one is your friend, then when trouble comes, you stand by them. It is not the time to worry about losing votes. Besides, those who would hold that against you were not going to vote for you anyway, this is just another excuse.

I am a friend of Dr. Katz and I stand behind him. He should not resign even if found guilty, as these are only misdemeanors and all he hurt was himself. Besides, we are not electing gods, but humans. Dr.Katz is right, this should not detract his good job standing up for us in the Assembly, even though in the minority, he really can’t get much done. He was elected to fight for us, and that he does! He continues to bring to light that which Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver would like to keep behind closed doors. No elected Democrat would do that for us.

Stay in their Steve and keep fighting. You are not alone. People understand. As for those who don’t, as an old friend of mine would say, “don’t let the bums beat you.” This is what I say, what say you?


2 responses to “Bazzo Says:Steve Is Still The “Katz” Meow

  1. Michael Counihan

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  2. Do as I say, not as I doobie! What a hypocrite!

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