Cuomo’s Plummeting Approval Rating

Cuomo Ignores Job Creation, Loses 19 Points in 3 Months


Contact: David Laska


ALBANY, NY… NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement on this morning’s new Quinnipiac poll that shows Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating at 55%, down 19 points from a high of 74% in the same poll from December:

“On issue after issue – tax hikes, one-shot budget gimmicks, hydrofracking jobs, property tax relief through real reform of unfunded mandates, Medicaid and public pensions and political abuse of economic development funds – Andrew Cuomo has talked big, delivered little and favored his own ambitions over spending his political capital on what’s good for New York.

“Unless the governor puts aside his political ambitions to focus on growing New York’s economy and creating jobs, his declining poll numbers will only mirror his management of the continued decline of New York State.”

Bazzo 03/20/13


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