Bazzo Says: The Next New York State Budget, The real Cuomo

Bazzo Says:


TITLE: The Next New York State Budget, The real Cuomo

Being prophetic is easier than it looks. It starts with the premise “that to predict the future, you must understand the past.” I was quoting myself. I was right about the game plan of the establishment Republicans, I am right about Governor Andrew Cuomo. Back in August 2010 I opined that Andrew Cuomo is a liberal, like his father. The only difference was that his father was more open and honest about his liberalism.

The first clue about Andrew was as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton, he, along with the law enforcement pressure from Attorney General Janet Reno, forced banks to give mortgages to people who did not have the ability to pay them back. So long before Bush was President, Andrew Cuomo sowed the seeds for the housing bubble that burst and caused the recession of 2008.

Then, in his first attempt to run for the governor’s office, Cuomo ran on the Liberal ballot. Andrew was responsible for the demise of the Liberal party as a ballot line when he did not garner the necessary 50,000 votes necessary to automatically keep that line on the ballot. He is the reason the Working Families Party, which endorsed Carl McCall, who also received the Democrat nod, is now a power to be reckoned with.

Andrew Cuomo, like many liberals, believes in easing the unfairness of life with other people’s money. But the great flaw in that theory is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. The other great flaw is, no matter the failure’s of said policies, the liberal believes the only answer is more money and more government. See the continued increase in education and health care spending at rates higher than inflation.

.Cuomo said he was against, and would fight, corruption. Yet the only convictions are from Federal prosecutors. His history is a war against the private sector, not the public sector. In spite of this, the public, letting the media vote for them could not wait to anoint Andrew Cuomo Governor. He, like all in the ruling class who run on change, the only change is what’s left in our pockets after they are through with us.

He is running for re-election in 2014, so this is the year he can let the liberal cat out of the bag. He will keep the temporary tax on high end earners that was set to expire next year. He will push to keep till 2015 so it does not become an issue next year for him or the legislator’s who’s terms are also up next year. This temporary tax netted the state 2 billion dollars, monies he and the legislature will need as they pass out government goodies in usually successful efforts to buy your votes. It also had the affect, which you are to ignore, of sending more of those high end earners to States like Texas and Florida which have no state tax.

Even though he rightfully said in his inaugural address that New York can not attract business with its present tax structure, it was he who raised their taxes during the Christmas week of 2011. So the high end earners have a combined federal and state income tax bourdon of 55%. By relocating to states without an income tax, the rate paid by high income earners drops to 38%.

He will also get his increase in the minimum wage, proposed to increase to $9.00 per hour by 2015. This in spite of New York’s fiscal policies keeping our unemployment rate a full percentage point above the national average. This will increase it even higher, just as the last increase did, as small businesses will shed jobs to mitigate this increase cost of labor. What he is doing is pricing unskilled labor out of the market. You the voter, are to judge him on his compassion, not the results, which only hurt the low income brackets.

He has successfully kicked the hydraulic-fracturing ban down the road till 2015, so that too will not be an issue next year. His is a cynical ploy to get the votes of the ant-growth, tree hugging alarmists, who continue to scare the uniformed with false propaganda about the harmful affects of this process. This process has been studied to death by New York State and the Federal Government for over five years. Every study has concluded that this process can be safely done with no harm to health and the environment.

He said that his administration will end back room deals. Yet when you look at same sex unions and antigun legislation, they were all done in the dark of the night, without time for debate. Make no mistake about it, Andrew Cuomo is a liberal. He will also be reelected. As far as the Republican Party is concerned, stick a fork in them, they are done. It was death by suicide. There is no two party system in New York and we are the worse for it. I was right about him then, I am right about him now. This is what I say, what say you?

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