Bazzo Says: The Establishment Republican Con Game

Bazzo Says:



TITLE: The Establishment Republican Con Game

Back in December 2011 I wrote in another publication about the establishment Republican plot against the Conservatives. They ran it, and even my closest friends thought I was nuts, a conspiratist. Basically I said
the reality is the establishment want Mitt Romney. The polls at the time show it. However the polls also showed the establishment represent about only 25% of the primary voters.

As each conservative candidate reached the top of the polls, they were sent packing by a continuous barrage of negative press. Now it was not the Democrats feeding the media the dirt, no it was the establishment Republican leadership and their minions feeding an all too willing press the negatives of each Conservative candidate.

They wanted Romney, and by God, no matter how much mud they had to sling, they were going to get Romney. At the end of the process, they got Romney. If you really want to know why 3 million Republican voters who turned out in 2008 and voted for MCCain stayed home in 2012, this is where it festered. When the establishment attacked the Conservative candidates, they also attacked the Conservatives and their beliefs. What the establishment forgot was that they were given control of the house by the Conservatives in 2011. The Conservatives remembered an were insulted by the ingratitude. They stayed home.

So why was the establishment so hell bent on Romney? My theory then, and this is where my friends thought I was off the wall, was this was not about the Preidency, no, it was about retaining control of Congress and taking Senate. The establishment believed, and rightly so, that Romney could not beat Obama as Mitt was just a younger version of McCain politically, willing to sacrifice Republican principal to appear reasonable. Wrongly believing that the key to Republican success was appealing to the Independents.

We know how that kind of candidate ends up. Romney got the Independents by a 35% margin over Obama, but lost the conservative base. The key, and from Nixon, to Reagan, to Bush 41, to Bush 43, was to get those Conservatives energized and to the polls. Ford, like Dole, McCain and Romney took Conservatives for granted and lost.

The prevailing wisdom as perpetuated by the media is that the key to winning elections is getting the Independents. Ford, like Dole, McCain and Romney bought into this. I was always befuddled by this. Knowing that the Media are only Democrats with by-lines (most polls show they vote Democrat by a wide margin), why would any Republican think that the advise given was going to help them defeat Democrats?

So if it was not the Presidency, but the House and Senate, why? As always in the cynical world of politics,
it was about money and power and control. First power:, it is about committee chairmanships and the ability to dole out money and allow or prevent political appointments and legislation. Money: the establishment knew that Obama would veto any legislation that rolls back his political agenda. They knew they would not have the votes to override. So they will go back to the voters time and time again, and blame Obama for high taxes, high energy, and socialized medicine. The final outcome, control, was the establishment would have all that money at their disposal. The Conservative or tea party movement, if you was is a direct threat to this scheme. If you follow the news, the ranking members of Congress are doing blame game.

As we know, Obama won and the Democrats retained the Senate. No matter, it is the House where all revenue bills must start as stated in the Constitution. Here is where I was prophetic. As soon as John Boehner is re-elected Speaker of the House, he removes all Conservatives from the Rules Committee and replaced them with his water carriers.

This is important as this is the committee that either allows legislation to come to the floor as is or is allowed to have amendments attacked to it. So when legislation pertaining to either the debt limit, or continuing resolutions, which are budget bill, that when presented to,the Senate would only need a majority of votes, not sixty, this is how “Obama Care” got passed, it was attached to a continuing resolution bill, the House Rules Committee banned any amendments.

Now, if one were determined to stop reckless spending and/or “Obama Care” it would be with these type of bills. By not allowing amendments, these bills as passed continue to spend recklessly and fund “Obama Care” and continue the implementation of their taxes and mandates. The establishment get to continue to keep and control all that money. This is the real Boehner objective.

Now cynically he and the House Leadership are hawking their new budget proposal and its key spending reductions and it repealing of “Obama Care”. It will pass the House. It will also die the same deaths as their previous budget bills have as the Senate will not take it up. Boehner knows this. The Leadership knows this. They will however have their blame game on and count on your stupidity to believe it.

When Boehner was asked last Wednesday (03/13/13) on Hannity’s radio show, why he did not do this on the recently passed continuing resolution bill, he asked Sean “do you risk the full faith and credit of the United States over “Obama Care”? This was a cow pie question. He knows damn well that the full faith and credit was and is never in jeopardy if the government shuts down. By constitutional law, the debt service must be paid. That total is 25 billion dollars an month. The federal government in taxes, fees and surcharges takes in 161 billion dollars a month. So the answer to the question asked by Boehner is a resounding yes! Shut down the government if you have to. You were put in power to stop this madness not perpetuate it!

I was right in 2011, I am proving to be right now. Boehner and the establishment want the money, all of it!
If you want to seethe definition of quisling, look no further than House Speaker John Boehner. If you really want to know who is giving you the shaft and demand you give them your votes, look no further than Boehner and the rest of the establishment Republican Party. This is what I say, what say you?


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