Yorktown Planning Board considers ballfields at Holland Sporting Club 03/11/13

Planning Board
March 11, 2013

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1. Yorktown Realty Association (Trump Park)
Regarding the demolition of the temporary sales building, the Board determined that the development was not in compliance with its original site plan and referred what it considered an “enforcement issue” to the town engineer and the building inspector for their review. As there was no plan and no application before the Planning Board, there was no action for the Board to take at the current time.

2. Dubovsky (Saw Mill River Road)
The Board took a preliminary look at a proposed building with two commercial spaces and two residential units on the upper floor and a two story accessory building in the rear of the property for a garage with an office above on a site that had a history of environmental issues a few years ago when the adjoining property was developed. (The site is across from the reservoir.)

3. Fieldhome expansion
The Board expressed frustration that after the Town had approved the site plan, the DEP now wants the applicant to revise its stormwater plan which will require revisions to the site plan and removing 117 additional trees from the site.

4. Proposed “fowl” legislation
The Board will send a memo to the Town Board outlining its comments on the proposed legislation and also noting that Hilltop Hanover had not responded to its request for information about raising chickens.

5. Holland Sporting Club Ballfields
The Conservation Board advised the Planning Board that it has concerns about the environmental impact of locating ballfields close to the lake shore and that without a plan, it was difficult to give a more detailed review. Planning Director Tegeder questioned whether the site had to capacity to accept 86,000 cubic yards of fill, an amount he called “stupendous” and the equivalent of 6,000 dump trucks. The Planning Board determined it could not comment on the plan until it has an actual site plan to review.

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