UTY meeting March 13, 2013

Dear members:
Our next meetings of UTY will be on Wednesday March 13 and 27 at the Yorktown Town Hall at 7:30PM. On the agenda will be the last time I bring up joinig the Chamber of Commerce for $110 for a year. I am for joining, but I’ve been out voted at serveral past meeting. I asked Joe Visconti to speak to us at the next meeting. Joe is a UTY member and President of the Chamber. Come to the meeting, there will be a open discuss on the issue.
The UTY has joined the organization called YOUnited Yorktown, the committee met to form a mission statement already and member George Hansen will be our representative. George if he can make the meeting will full us in on what this organization all about.

If there is anyone interested in being a school board member in either school districts it time to pick up the petitions for the election in May.

We have run a UTY member for Town Councilman for the past four elections, anyone interested in running a independent campaign for councelman let me know. Remember the forces of evil are out there to stop you.

Our time to speak at town board meetings has now been shorten to one time for three minutes.

Bringing in some new members will be our main priority this year and notifying the other members they are out for not paying their $10 membership donation for years. Please let me know by email if you’re in our out if you read this email.



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