Cox: Cuomo’s Indecision Cost New York Jobs


Contact: David Laska


ALBANY, NY… NYGOP Chair Ed Cox today released the following statement:

“From the start, Andrew Cuomo has tried to have it both ways on hydro-fracking: simultaneously appeasing his radical environmentalist base while ostensibly appearing business-friendly.

“But by allowing politics to dominate what should have been a business decision, Andrew Cuomo has killed the competitive development of New York’s natural gas reserves.

“His indecision cost New York jobs, and new onerous regulations will smother the New York hydro-fracking baby in the crib.

“While Pennsylvania has 57,000 new jobs and a manufacturing industry revived in part by cheap natural gas, Western and Central New York continue to bleed jobs, and the Southern Tier is merely getting a frustrating taste of ‘what might have been’ from the spillover from Pennsylvania.”

Bazzo 02/27/13


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