Westchester BOL Chairman Jenkins Calls for Immediate Funding of Yonkers Capital Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 26, 2013

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BOL Chairman Jenkins Calls for Immediate Funding of Yonkers Capital Project

Delay causing $2.5 million dollar budget shortfall in Yonkers

White Plains, NY – Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) Chairman Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) called today for the Astorino Administration to move immediately on a $2.75 million capital project in Yonkers based on Acting Justice of New York State Supreme Court James W. Hubert’s ruling in the capital projects decision.

The capital project, which involved design and construction of a parking garage associated with the Warburton Riverview Apartments development, was approved by the BOL in September 2012 and then vetoed by County Executive Robert P. Astorino. But the BOL voted to override Astorino’s veto of the bond act legislation.

Since then, Astorino has failed to move the project’s funding forward. Judge Hubert’s ruling yesterday, though, noted that Astorino’s actions actually nullify the BOL’s vote.

“This important capital project is part of the re-development plan for downtown Yonkers and an integral factor in the economic growth of the city,” said Jenkins. “Although the work is completed, Yonkers officials are waiting for the County to reimburse them for the project. There is absolutely no reason other than political posturing why the County Executive has not moved this project through. The City should be paid for its work, as promised by the County—period.”

Jenkins noted that a shared services agreement between Westchester and Yonkers regarding the taking over of work normally done by the city’s Human Rights Commission, resulting in $25,000 savings for the city, “pales in comparison to the nearly three million dollars the County is holding back, which is fudning that the Board of Legislators has lawfully approved.”

“For the Astorino Administration, it keeps coming back to the same thing: just follow the law,” said Jenkins. “Right now, this foot-dragging is causing a budget deficit in Yonkers—on a project that the County Executive advanced in the first place!”


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Bazzo 02/26/13


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