Mayor Bloomberg, T. Boone Pickens & Neapolitan Express unveil first-ever natural gas mobile food truck


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First-Ever 100% Compressed-Natural Gas-Powered Food Truck Sets New Standard for

Environmental Responsibility and National Security


Clean Energy Fuels and Neapolitan Express Launch Groundbreaking Partnership with

State of the Art Truck Serving Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

NEW YORK, NY- February 21, 2013 – Neapolitan Express, in conjunction with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (Nasdaq: CLNE), joined by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today launched the first-ever food truck to be completely powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) – operating the vehicle and all the food preparation systems – to create a cleaner, greener and safer alternative to the diesel, gasoline and propane fuel powered food trucks that have, to date, been the industry standard. Earlier this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was served the first slice of authentic pizza by legendary energy executive, T. Boone Pickens from the new CNG Neapolitan Express truck at City Hall Park.

The collaboration between Neapolitan Express and Clean Energy ushers in a new era of environmental responsibility enhanced public safety, quality of product and design for the mobile restaurant business. Food trucks have long been criticized for their heavy carbon emissions and use of highly combustible propane tanks.

“Neapolitan Express is humbled to roll out the first 100% CNG-powered food truck in the world,” said Neapolitan Express spokesman Danny Alzate. “This is the initial step in a larger plan to modernize and grow the food industry sector in a forward looking way. The business model and technology have been a long time in the making, and we are proud to present it first to New Yorkers – who will instantly recognize the quality of the authentic Neapolitan Pizza we will be serving.”

The partnership is poised to dramatically alter the food transportation business by introducing to the industry the safest and lowest carbon emission food truck ever created. The first Neapolitan Express truck will sell authentic Neapolitan Pizzas — that can be cooked in 90-seconds with the state-of-the-art CNG technology — around Manhattan. The company plans to expand the brand and concept nationally throughout 2013.

“Clean Energy has been part of many ‘firsts’ in the natural gas transportation fuel business, but the partnership with Neapolitan Express may be the most unique and exciting,” said legendary energy executive T. Boone Pickens. “With its multiple uses of natural gas, its urban location and the desire to always look at improving margins, it makes total sense for the rapidly growing food truck segment to transition to use cleaner, cheaper fuel. We applaud Neapolitan Express for taking a leadership role in what will surely be the future of food trucks.”

“Neapolitan Express and Clean Energy Fuels are taking the art of pizza and food trucks to new heights, while also setting a new standard for sustainability,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “This first-of-its-kind truck is one of many alternative vehicle technologies that can help us reduce emissions and improve air quality – something City government has worked to do by using electric and hybrid vehicles and taxis. We’re lucky to have private sector partners like Clean Energy Fuels and Neapolitan Express, who are taking charge and helping New York City lead the way to a greener future.”

The Neapolitan Express food truck is built on a CNG Ford Chassis, operating on domestic, cheaper, cleaner burning natural gas, producing 30% less greenhouse gas than gasoline or diesel. The company has a patent pending for a Compressed Natural Gas Integration System of mobile food carts, mobile food trucks, and refrigerated vehicles for electrical, hot water and refrigeration power generation. These natural gas vehicles save 60% in fuel costs. Clean Energy will be the exclusive provider of CNG for the first Neapolitan Express food truck and for the fleet as it expands.

Neapolitan Express converted a Caterpillar natural gas generator to run on CNG, which powers not only the vehicle, but all of the equipment including: a state-of-the-art, hand-built, Italian electric oven that reaches close to 900 degrees. In keeping with its eco-friendly business model, the Neapolitan Express truck has rooftop solar panels which help charge the generator’s battery. The truck is equipped with iPads for speedy, online ordering and delivery. These devices also run the first P.O.S. system of its kind for a mobile food truck, allowing for scalability across the board.

The 30-centimeter authentic Neapolitan pies, made with the finest imported Italian ingredients, will be served in GreenBox packaging produced by Environmentally Conscious Organization (ECO). The boxes, which snap shut to preserve freshness, are made out of recycled and compostable cardboard, which will also function as multiple plates when broken down along perforations and reconfigures into a container to store leftovers.

In addition to serving from their walk-up window at various locations throughout the day, Neapolitan Express will deliver to customers within a 1-mile radius on a natural-gas powered Vespa. Online ordering from a mobile food truck has never been offered by another food truck in New York.

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About Neapolitan Express

Neapolitan Express is the first company to launch a food truck completely powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Their innovative technology and product is aimed at changing the food truck industry, resulting in greater energy efficiency and safety, food quality, service design as well as a venue for community philanthropy.

About Clean Energy Fuels
Clean Energy (Nasdaq: CLNE) is the largest provider of natural gas fuel for transportation in North America and a global leader in the expanding natural gas vehicle fueling market. We have operations in compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle fueling and construction and operation of natural gas fueling stations. Wholly-owned subsidiaries include BAF Technologies, which provides natural gas vehicle systems and conversions for taxis, vans, pick-up trucks and shuttle buses; IMW Industries, Ltd., which supplies CNG equipment for vehicle fueling and industrial applications worldwide; NorthStar, which supplies LNG and liquefied to compressed natural gas fueling system technologies and equipment, station construction and operations; and Clean Energy Renewable Fuels (CERF), which develops renewable natural gas (RNG), or biomethane, production facilities in the U.S. For more information, visit

Correction: The Neapolitan Express food truck produces 70% less greenhouse gas than gasoline or diesel. An earlier version of this release incorrectly stated that figure as 30%.

Bazzo 02/21/13


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