Bazzo Says:What My Critics Are Saying



TITLE: What My Critics Are Saying

Criticism: Bazzo continually lowering the intellectual integrity of the Mahopac News. He is uneducated and reactionary. Does he pay you to publish his rot?

Bazzo: As usual with critics of my work, it must start out with the ritual insults and condescending attacks. Also since I am not of the belief of my critics, my education gets called into question. Of course as I have written, defending the limiting powers of the constitution make one a reactionary in the world of a liberal. I do not pay, but get paid, live with that.

Criticism: With regard to his column in the Jan. 17 issue, he states that so-called liberals “believe in the right to privacy in regards to killing life through abortion, which is legal, and they are in agreement with, but hypocritically do not believe in the same rights of privacy in regards to gun ownership which is also legal.” The right to privacy with regard to abortion stems from those who want to kill women seeking them and the doctors who provide them.

Bazzo: The column in question “Bazzo Says: Baseball Writers & Journal News Both Wrong”

dealt with the Journal News publishing the names and addresses of legal gun owners. The question being dealt with was the right to privacy, no where was my thoughts on abortion itself discussed. Again as usual with my critics they presume to know what I think before I think it. The right to privacy, which was created as an implied right in the 14 Amendment by the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade, belongs now to everyone, not just those seeking abortion.

Criticism: If the right to abortion were taken away, many woman would still seek them; In Bazzo’s book if they die in the process due to lack of regulation. Obviously, it’s the unborn fetus’ rights over the mother’s that are of paramount importance to him. Bazzo’s reasoning, comparing the right to privacy to get an abortion vs the right to bear arms is ludicrous .

Bazzo: Presumptions on my opinion on abortion abound to the critics. Not even my mother knows what I think about abortion, so it amazes me that people who I have never met knows what I think on a topic that in six years of writing I have never addressed.

If the right to an abortion was taken away, with it would go the implied right to privacy which this ruling by the court rested. If the right to an abortion was taken away, then laws regarding it would return to the states from which the Supreme Court took responsibility for them them away.

If the right to an abortion was taken away is a false premise. Roe vs. Wade will not in my lifetime or even in the foreseeable future be overturned as you can not take that right away without taking away the right to privacy. Ain’t happening folks.

However since the created right to an abortion and an enumerated right to bear arms are both equally contentious, comparing the right to privacy on both cases is apt.

Criticism: Bazzo is of Italian-American descent, and is probably Catholic, and is probably espousing the teachings of this church.

Bazzo: The critics presume that my thoughts and beliefs are not mine but somehow belong to my heritage or my religion. That I can not possibly have an independent thought, do my own research and come to my own conclusions.

I was born in Peekskill to parents born in New York City and Harrison. Since all the above locations are part of the United States, that makes me and my heritage American, period! As for my religious beliefs, those are mine till I decide they are not.

Criticism: Many law-abiding citizens of all political persuasions would prefer to know if his or her neighbor is packing a rod.

Bazzo: They may like to know, but it is still none of their business. Here is where I will presume. I would wager that there are things your neighbors would like to know about you, but it is also none of there business. The right to privacy belongs to everyone even my critics.

Criticism: Don’t you people employ copy editors? The organization of his writing and grammar are atrocious! This can’t reflect well on your publication.

Bazzo: Other’s writing skills may surpass mine, but my writings will reach more people in any given week than most of my critics will reach in a life time and that just sticks in their craw.

Criticism: It is an unequivocal fact, proven in many other countries, that if the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, EVERYONE’S quality of life improves.

Bazzo: The only “unequivocal fact” in regards to the re-distribution of wealth, is that the only was to make every one’s quality of life better by this means is to lower the bar on what defines better quality of life.

From the time the Pilgrims first landed,

The first Thanksgiving: (part 1) (part 2)

denying people the opportunity to profit and pursue happiness has never worked. Not in this country anyway.

So the question I pose to my critics who exposes the “fare share” rot, is how much money should one be allowed to keep? Right now those living in New York making $275,00.00 or more pay in various forms of taxes, fees and surcharges 61 cents on every dollar (in New York City). It is 59 cents out side of New York City. This is second in the nation behind California which is 63 cents on every dollar earned. If that is not there “fare share”, what is?

According to recently released report, New York has lost 1.4 billion in taxable income to Texas and 18 billion taxable dollar to Florida, both no sate income tax states.

The above question becomes relevant if one believes all income earned belong to the government first and they get to decide how much you may keep. This would also mean that we and our rights are the creation of government and not”endowed by our creator” thereby rendering the Declaration Of Independence, our founding document upon which all others rest, meaningless.

Criticism: How many private jets yachts, limos, fancy high priced meals, servants or custom-made Birkin bags do the rich need?

Bazzo: Some one has to make, serve or cater to those needs. In your world this would be limited and thereby increasing the unemployment number and hurting those who’s livelihood depend on those businesses or provide those services.

Criticism: Or in other very wealthy people’s case, is it more important to have a building named after you? They should be doing the right thing with their “insane wealth”, like helping Hurricane Sandy victims? Am I missing something here???

Bazzo: Yes. Are you now the decider of what someone else should spend their money on. You get to decide what is worthy or not? What you are missing is that this too is none of your business, or if it is, do we get to tell you what to do with your money? BTW: those building come with various forms of endowments that go to the non “insanely wealthy”. Also they are in all likely hood doing both.

Criticism: Raising the minimum wage does spur job growth and helps low income workers by allowing them more purchasing power, therefore helping the economy. What it also does is minimally cut into the profit margins of the wealthy, like those of the Koch Brothers.

Bazzo: Not only is this not true, but the last time the minimum wage was raised, 29% of those between 16 & 29 wound up out of work. Look it up. I did. At that time we were not in a recession as we are now. It is ludicrous to believe that in a recession, increasing the cost of doing business can help the economy. I would wager most of my critics never signed the front of a paycheck.

Who it hurts small businesses such as mine, or this publishers, or even the local deli you may patronize. But then again you would blame the greedy small business person who would have the temerity to seek profit form their investment. Oh, I forgot, it is my critics who decide how much profit a business may make.

Criticism: The same applies again to his statements about how hydraulic fracturing is a good idea; again this gives big business supporters of this method of gas extraction more profit while helping to push the environment farther into the toilet. Also where did he hear the preposterous idea that hydraulic fracturing spurs the growth of STDs? This should prove once and for all that Bazzo is not playing with a full deck.

Bazzo: See column published in this paper in October 2012 ” A Fracking Waste Of Time”

The only thing proven is you do not know what your own board of legislators is discussing.

Criticism: Our Bill of Rights DOES need to be “means tested.” The Founding Fathers, were men of their time, brilliant, to be sure, but even they put in a provision which basically states that if what they’d put in the Bill of Rights doesn’t work, it needs to be revised.

Bazzo: Yes, our founding fathers were brilliant. It is called the amendment process. Fact is you can not by fiat or legislation alter an amendment.

Criticism: Ask yourselves as a purveyor of news to our community the following: are we a source of enlightenment, or a harkening back to the Dark Ages?

Bazzo: I guess if one has the audacity to think a thought and have a belief not of my critics, they are unenlightened. Fact is the “Dark Ages” was a time when one had not the right to think an unsanctioned thought. You were then tortured (no, water boarding was not in use then) till you got your mind right or died, which ever came first.

This is what I say,what say you?

Bazzo 02/16/13


One response to “Bazzo Says:What My Critics Are Saying

  1. Mr. Bazzo, I am not a regular reader of your blog however, I try to read it as often as possible. Why? Because I get tired of well placed words and political correctness. I like to hear what people are really thinking. I appreciate that you do your homework, as opposed to your critics. I hate the “it’s my way or the highway” crowd. Like you, I try to read as much as possible, take all into consideration and come to my own conclusions which may or may not be acceptable. Then again, this is America where we all have a say.

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