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Guess Which Solidier is Me
by Legislator John G. Testa

Last April I posted a story about how I came across an advertisement for a documentary film I was part of during the US Bicentennial in 1976 (https://johngtesta.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/strange-how-these-things-happen). The organization I have belonged to since 1969 is called The Brigade of the American Revolution. My unit is called the First New York Regiment. The Brigade has been used in countless such documentaries and films due to the absolute authenticity of the uniforms, accoutrements and depiction of the military of the time. Filmmakers know that by using our group they have the historical accuracy covered, as well as the cost savings of not having to produce all the uniforms that would be needed or training random actors.

This 3:47 minute clip is from the larger 1-hour documentary called “Don’t Tread on Me!” by producer Jack Ofield. For whatever reason, I suspect it was my young age, the director chose to focus on me during the filming. I had no idea this was happening and as I stated in my earlier post, I was surprised to see my photo used as on the promotional material for the film. To be able to finally see the finished product 36 years later brings back many fond memories. My family got a kick out of it too!

Most of this clip was filmed at The New Windsor Cantonment in New Windsor, New York, which is a NY State historic site and the location where Gen. George Washington disbanded the continental army in 1783 (http://nysparks.com/historic-sites/22/details.aspx).

Hope you enjoy the clip. Hint: Start paying close attention at the 2:02 mark!

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