Yorktown Town Board Delays Okay for Navajo Fields 02/05/13

Town Board
February 5, 2013

Meeting highlights. For a summary of other agenda items visit ciyinfo.org.

1. Unpaid taxes
In response to a question from Susan Siegel (the person writing this summary)about what the Town Board was doing to collect $1.7 million in unpaid taxes from 33 property owners on the 2008 Foreclosure List, Supervisor Grace provided an update on collection efforts.

2. Creative Living/Navajo Fields
After completing the regular business on the agenda, the Board began a lengthy discussion with members of the applicant’s development team over conditions at the site and what work remained to be done to bring the site into compliance with the conditions of its existing wetlands permit prior to the Board approving amendments to the permit.

After a motion from Supervisor Grace to approve the amended permit that evening failed to receive a majority vote, it was agreed that the Board would take up the issue again at next week’s work session.

While there was general agreement on what work remained to be done at the site, there were differences of opinion as to the procedures that needed to be followed in order to get to the end result: a safe site that met all Town Code requirements.

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Bazzo 02/07/13


One response to “Yorktown Town Board Delays Okay for Navajo Fields 02/05/13

  1. There should have been a stop work order and an envirmental violation issued. Why is the basic Building Department inspections waved by the Town is there an approved plan ?

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