As Sean Patrick Maloney Lets Medicare Go Bankrupt, $120 Million Wasted on Convicts and Illegal Immigrants

For Immediate Release Contact: Press Office
January 25, 2013 (202) 479-7070

As Sean Patrick Maloney Lets Medicare Go Bankrupt,
$120 Million Wasted on Convicts and Illegal Immigrants

It’s Time for Maloney To Tell Obama to Crack Down on Medicare Waste

WASHINGTON – While Sean Patrick Maloney has been sitting back and letting Medicare go bankrupt, prison inmates and illegal immigrants have stolen $120 million in Medicare benefits, according to a new report.

President Obama already raided Medicare benefits to pay for Obamacare, and now Obama and Maloney are sitting idly by while the program is being wasted on felons and illegal immigrants. The National Republican Congressional Committee is calling on Sean Patrick Maloney to stand up to President Obama and tell him to finally crack down on Medicare waste, fraud, and abuse.

“New York seniors deserve better from Sean Patrick Maloney,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Rather than continue his plan of bankruptcy, Maloney should tell President Obama to get serious about the waste, fraud, and abuse in the current Medicare system.”

Over $120 Million In Medicare Benefits Was Paid To Illegal Immigrants And Prison Inmates. “Illegal immigrants and prison inmates received more than $120 million in Medicare services from 2009-2011 despite federal law that makes them ineligible for the program, according to two new reports from the HHS inspector general.” (Kyle Cheney, “Medicare Improperly Paid $120M To Ineligibles,” Politico, 1/24/13)

President Obama Cut Over $700 Billion From Medicare To Pay For Obamacare. (Congressional Budget Office, 7/24/12)


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Washington, DC 20003
(202) 479-7000

Bazzo 01/25/13


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