Yorktown Town Board asked to assist athletic clubs on fee issue 01/15/13

Town Board Work Session
January 15, 2013

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit ciyinfo.org

1. Tree removal post Hurricane Sandy
Supervisor Grace gave a status update on the Town’s plans for removing downed trees along the right-of-ways.

2. YCCC tenant issues
The Board dealt with six different tenants on 2013 rental rates and building usage.

3. Athletic Club User Fees
Representatives of several athletic clubs asked the Board to intercede on their behalf with the Yorktown School District to get the district to change its mind about charging the clubs fees for the use of school facilities.

4. Nor-West Services
Questions were raised about the Town’s continued contribution to this organization that provides recreational services to disabled children and adults.

5. Proposed pedestrian amenities legislation
The Board reviewed conceptual language to be added to the Town’s Land Development Regulations that would require commercial developments to include, when appropriate, sidewalks and pedestrian connectivity to existing sidewalks.

6. Sustainable Energy Loan Program
At the suggestion of Supervisor Grace, the Town will draft a local law that will establish a loan program for the benefit of owners of commercial and multi-family properties.

7. 2008 Foreclosures
The Board will return the $2,000 check that Sultana Pool Association gave the Town last week in partial payment of its unpaid taxes and, at next week’s meeting, will remove certain vacant parcels from the 2008 foreclosure proceeding.

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