Revised with Attachment: BOL Majority Whip Shimsky Faults Astorino Budget Appointee as Unqualified for Position


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Revised with Attachment:

BOL Majority Whip Shimsky Faults Astorino Budget Appointee as Unqualified for Position

[Note: The Deputy Budget Director job description is now attached to this release.]

White Plains, NY – The announcement yesterday by County Executive Rob Astorino of his appointment of Francesca Bossey as the County’s Deputy Budget Director drew immediate criticism from Legislator MaryJane Shimsky (D-Hastings-on-Hudson), Majority Whip of the Westchester County Board of Legislators and also chair of its Appointments Committee, who said that Bossey was unqualified for the position.

Shimsky noted the job description for the County’s Deputy Budget Director that is posted online requires seven years of professional experience in governmental budgeting, including three years of managerial level experience. According to Bossey’s résumé, she does not have any experience in governmental budgeting at all.

“While I appreciate Ms. Bossey has worked for several large corporations in the course of her career and can boast of some experience in finance as a controller, she clearly does not have the proper governmental experience for the deputy budget director position,” said Shimsky. “In fact, I am at loss to even say how she was considered for the job in the first place.”

Bossey spent five years as controller of Eventive Marketing, a small experiential marketing firm in Manhattan’s West Village, where she oversaw a finance team consisting of one accountant, before landing at Westchester’s Board of Elections (BOE) in 2011. Hired for the County’s Budget Department in October 2012 at $122,985, she is slated to make $137,230 in 2013, an 11.5% raise—and the top of her pay grade. (See page F-6 in the 2013 Proposed Budget.)

“Westchester’s residents and business owners should be assured that the County’s budget team is comprised of the best and brightest available, and bringing someone on board without the necessary experience or credentials is a disaster waiting to happen,” concluded Shimsky. “I urge the County Executive to reconsider this appointment or make clear why he thinks Ms. Bossey is qualified for this job.”


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DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Under general supervision, an
incumbent of this class participates in the management and supervision of the Budget
Office having an active role in recommending and interpreting major financial and fiscal
policy for Westchester County within the area of responsibility. This involves directing a
staff of professional Budget Analysts; working closely with department heads and their
representatives in the approval of their operating budgets and expenditures, and securing
Executive and Legislative approvals. In addition, an incumbent supervises and
participates in the review, analysis and development of recommendations on
departmental requests for funding and operation of their programs and services; the
monitoring of expenditures of approved resources for effective and efficient utilization; and
the conduct of in-depth organizational studies related to departmental issues, programs
and operations. Work is performed with a good deal of independence of action and where
the exercise of independent judgment within established policy is a prime factor subject to
final approval by the Budget Director. Must be willing to work extended work hours during
the Budget preparation season. A staff relationship is exercised with department heads
and/or their managerial/administrative staff in various County departments. Supervision is
exercised over the professional and clerical staff in the Budget Office. Does related work
as required.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
Studies departmental budget requests and interprets Budget Office policies, practices and
procedures as required, making appropriate recommendations thereon;
Supervises and personally performs more complex analyses of departmental budget
requests raising specific questions for consideration;
Supervises preparation of detailed salary analysis of departmental budget requests and
the final recommendations of the Budget Director;
Participates in budget hearings;
Prepares a variety of other analyses, reports and comparisons and in the assembling of
the annual budget as required;
Confers with department heads and administrative personnel and investigates records
and requests regarding allocations, additional appropriations, allocation changes,
appropriation changes, transfers of funds, overtime approvals, promotions and special
rates, and makes recommendations in regard to same;
Prepares reports based on studies of the organization and operations of County
departments which include office layout, space utilization, allocation of telephone
equipment, personnel requirements, methods and procedures;
Confers with representatives of private concerns on procedures, equipment, personnel
requirements and makes reports on new machine installations in the County departments;
Undertakes research and studies for the improvement of administrative procedures and
for the solution of other management problems throughout the County service

Bazzo 01/15/13

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