[PRESS RELEASE] New parking paradigm provides incentives for local business


Contact: Michael Grace, (914) 649-9878

Terrence Murphy, (914) 224-8348



YORKTOWN, NY – Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace and Councilman Terrence Murphy agree that making Yorktown more business friendly is the key to smarter growth and job creation.

Supervisor Grace today announced the town board was moving forward with a public hearing relative to two proposed locals laws that amend the parking requirements for local businesses and developers.

“The town board’s priority continues to be easing the crushing burden on our local taxpayers by reducing burdensome regulations and attracting businesses to Yorktown,” Grace said. “The new laws have proposed cut red tape, meaning people looking to start a business here in town, along with business owners looking to expand or renovate their facilities, will be able to make more efficient use of their space.”

The proposed local law will lower the requirement of 5 spaces per 1,000 square feet of gross floor area in commercial zones, including the J.V. Mall, to 4 spaces.

This move will continue to spur growth in the local economy and give greater flexibility in commercial site designs, allowing for more building and less parking, thereby creating creating tax revenue, Grace said.

Councilman Murphy agreed with Supervisor Grace. “By making our town zoning laws more user friendly, we become a more desirable place for businesses to open,” he said.

“Perhaps most importantly, these proposals incentivize redevelopment of deteriorated commercial properties and the commercial tax base,” Dr. Murphy added.

“Councilman Murphy and I are working to end New York’s reputation as the most business unfriendly state the nation,” Grace said. “After passing a historic property tax cut earlier this year and announcing projects that will create hundreds of jobs here locally, this new parking ordinance will make Yorktown more competitive with neighboring communities and better serve the present and future needs of our residents, as well as our business owners.”

Grace said that the legislation are in furtherance of his administration’s efforts to revitalize the existing commercial tax base in the Town while preserving the Town’s natural and aesthetic environment.

Both Grace and Dr. Murphy are local business owners themselves. The proposed amendments to §300-182.A.(4) and §300-89.A.(c) will be discussed during a public hearing on January 8th.

Bazzo 01/10/13

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