Yorktown Town Board adopts 2013 budget and reviews Mall parking 12/18/12

Town Board
December 18, 2012

Meeting highlights. For summaries of all agenda items, visit ciyinfo.org

1. School security
Police Chief McMahon reported that the department has established a “visible presence” at the town’s 12 public and parochial schools in an effort to strike a balance between safety without causing alarm and that a continuing dialogue regarding security needs has been established between the Police Department and the schools.

2. Courtesy of the Floor
Senior issues: The Board assured representatives of three senior citizen clubs that nothing was being “taken away” from them and that all clubs would be treated equally. The clubs were asked to stop fighting among themselves.

Woodlands Legacy ball field. A representative of the Huntersbrook condominiums expressed concern that the Town has not lived up to a prior agreement with the association to flip the existing ball field.

3. 2013 Budget
The Board unanimously adopted the Preliminary Budget. The only change was the addition of a page with projected tax rates for the next four years. In a 3-2 vote, the Board rejected a motion to remove $65,000 from the budget to hire a second “junior” attorney, and in a unanimous vote, it directed the supervisor to do a study of the actual cost of the services the general fund provides to the sewer, refuse and water districts. Councilman Patel said he will return 6% of his 2013 salary to the Town.

4. Public Hearing on changes to the parking requirements for the JV Mall and other commercial zones.
During a hearing that became contentious at times, the Board voted to adjourn the public hearing on the amendments under discussion and advertise new public hearings for January 8 for two new laws, one for the mall zone and one for other commercial zones.

5. Department head benefits
After a somewhat confused and rushed discussion and last minute oral changes to the prepared resolution, the Board unanimously voted to adopt a resolution governing benefits for 21 employees considered “managerial” employees.

6. Personnel
The Board accepted the termination of Sarah Seabolt, an employee in the Assessor’s Department, the retirement of Fran Perito , a civilian employee of the Police Department, and reappointed Richard Rubenstein to the Ethics Board.

7. Outside legal representation: The Board renewed its retainer agreement for outside legal services with Wormser Kiley Galef & Jabobs on a month-to-month basis.

8. Department name change: The Department of Environmental Conservation’s name was officially changed to the Refuse and Recycling Department.

The next Town Board meeting will be January 8, 2013

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