Special message from the Town of Ossining An Ossining Community Vigil Today 12/16/12

Special message from the Town of Ossining
An Ossining Community Vigil Today

We have endured struggles in the past year but none so heart-breaking as the senseless killing that happened Friday in Newtown CT… so many young children as well as educators who dedicate their lives to OUR children.

The world has been effected by this unbelievable act and the outpouring of love and offers of help to that community has been so moving. I heard a gentleman say today that he went to Newtown with his bulldog so that the children could hug him. What a simple but powerful act.

I, like each of you, have made sure that I contacted family and friends this weekend to tell them how much I love them… to make sure they are safe and to make sure that they get to talk about their feelings and the swings of emotion we are all feeling right now.

Please let us help you, we will work with whatever group or agency needed to make sure each and everyone of our family of residents gets whatever services and counseling they need.

Sue Donnelly

Today we will meet at the
Joseph G Caputo Community Center
at 4:30 PM for an
Ossining Community Vigil honoring Newtown

We will gather together to console each other.

We will have it in the gym due to weather and candles (fire) is not allowed so bring flowers.

I will be bringing yellow flowers because is one of the school colors and it also is such a calming color.

Please come to the lower doors of the Community Center

Our thanks goes to:

Inspirational idea by Kim Jeffery…
and the Ossining Recreational Department for responding so quickly as always

Bazzo 12/16/12


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