E-Mail From Reader Howard:Public Hearing Comments Primary Electric Power Grid

Please address.Trees Many Cities and Counties have local codes that require all trees be 20 feet from any power line.

All reconstruction of Local Primary feeder lines should be less then one mile. With a backup line pole switch.

With small unit Substations for local feeders. Example Con Edison small unit substation on Old Crompond Road.

near MC Donald’s

I suggest the following questions should be addressed to avoid complete Substation primary line storm failures.

1. Is the Substation on RT. 202 near the Yorktown Police Headquarters joint operated buy both Con. Edison

and New York State Elec. If so who has control of the two underground 145 KV feeders from Amawalk?

Is this substation and neighborhood primary overhead lines and wood poles over loaded with to many lines.

2. Was all Primary lines in and out of the Amawalk down. If so the Public Service Commission must segregate

the two main High line feeders that come into East Yorktown from Carmel. Two make matters worse the Amawalk Substation is supplied only from Wood Street Substation in The Town of Carmel.

3. RT, 202 Why was the overhead Con Edison over head connection disconnected about 15 years ago.

It was said at that it was not needed for a backup for Yorktown.? But Millwood connections are the best due to the Indian Point feeders that supply this substation.

NOTE: The feeders come from the Amawalk Substation next into the Yorktown Waste Water Sewer Plant.

As a vital service why was it with out any service for days ?


Bazzo 12/02/12


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