French Hill – Rental Update

The following comments are from members of the UTY

It has come to my attention that the French Hill School is just about fully rented now. My question is: when the school was being occupied by the school district, it was (I believe) tax exempt. Now that it is being leased as a commercial entity, receiving $10 per square foot, #1, is it in the proper zoning and #2 is it back on the tax rolls? This reduced rental fee is hurting other commercial entities in town. FYI The going rate for rental space comparable to the French Hill School is $25 per square foot.


Its now a tax exempt office building.

We brought this matter of the French Hill School Rental Policy up at September Yorktown School Board meeting. Tom Cole the Business Manager said the Board had consulted a local real estate consultant. In regard to the charge per square foot . I would suggest we FOIL all the leases. And compare the true cost of services, including water and sewer, and snow removals and daily office cleaning service. Please make a comparison of a local full service building lease. Also the Yorktown Central School District is sitting on $600,000. on a budget line for Real-estate Tax grievance settlements.

bAZZO 11/18/12


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